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One thing with this arc is that so far it's very difficult to estimate or read the character's strengths. I mean it usually is to be honest, especially now when they all are like god mode already, but especially Ichigo feels very shallow right now. I can't see any weakness in him, yet he somehow isn't winning the battle against nazi angel, probably because of pure, boring power difference that he's gonna overcome randomly anyway.

Personality-wise he was nothing to begin with (slightly cocky and wants to pwotect his fwiends), but I used to feel like he had some sort of complexity in his combat ability at least. Now it's just like, okay, we get it, he's immensely powerful. Not that it seems to matter.

As it is now it's just not exiting, anyway.

Hmm, I reread about fifteen chapters from the Fake Karakura arc this morning, and I enjoyed it a lot, so maybe that's why I'm comparing things now.

EDIT: Manga
Okay, long story short, everybody is miserable, SS is pretty screwed over, they're all frustrated.
Now we're waiting for Ichigo to come save the day.

Hey, at least we're not getting the really-long-fights-that-the-shinigami-always-wins BS.