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Name: Kelvin Jones

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kelvin is a tall, relatively bulky male. He is very proud of his body as he has put a lot of time into working on his muscles and strength. He has piercing green eyes, that are a light shade of the colour, and his nose is long and broad. His hair is cropped short, and his ears do not stick out too much. His lips are a pale pink colour and his jaw is squared off. His eyebrows are thick and bushy. He stands at 6'2" and weighs in at just over 212 pounds. His muscles are incredibly defined on both his arms and his legs.

While free of work, Kelvin often wears a tight-fitting black t-shirt, with dirt and stains emblazed on the material which was visibly worn. He also wears a pair of jeans that have rips in both knees, and are also stained mainly with grass and mud. He usually wears a pair of mid-shin-high black boots which his jeans are tucked into. His uniform for the Rebels consists of a beige tank top and a pair of camouflage trousers. Both of these appendages are also dirty as there is very little means to clean clothes on the island of Cianwood. He also wears his usual black boots which are a symbol of Kelvin as he has always worn a pair similar to these. No matter if he's in his casual wear of his rebels uniform, Kelvin always wears a golden locket with a picture with him and his parents inside. He also wears a bracelet on his left wrist made of black beads. On his right wrist he has a white sweatband.

Personality: Kelvin appears to be an emotionless character. He rarely shows any signs of response to anything and his face appears to be set in a cold, dark expression. He thoroughly hates discussing his past as it makes him think of his parents. Kelvin tries to avoid contact with fellow human beings as much as possible, as he as a result of his bitterness, as he has become a socially awkward character. He suffers from crippling shyness and he finds it very hard to express himself, the way he is feeling or his views to anyone. He desperately feels a burning passion to extract his revenge on 'Division.'

However, below the emotional shell that Kelvin projects around himself, he is a very trusting person and is quick to grow bonds with people. When he shows his true colours, he has proven to be a very capable leader, and also very willing to put himself on the line to save others, showing his bravery. In recent times since joining the Rebels he has become his true self more and more as he is gaining confidence and making 'friends,' well at least that's what he calls his partners, his peers, his comrades. He believes and has faith in them, and mainly in the more established members of the Rebels. While not on a mission, Kelvin remains his shy self and rarely communicates with any of the other members as to not embarrass himself in front of them. He keeps himself to himself and avoids others. However on missions, he is very vocal. He is always encouraging his team mates and often gives them advice. He doesn't want to see any harm fall upon anyone other than those who truly deserve it. He always defends his team mates and will often go out of his way to try and save them, a primary image when his naivety comes into question. The higher reps of the Rebels have spotted Kelvin's potential and see his passion as a key factor in his suitability for the Rebels.

History: Kelvin was born and raised by his parents in Olivine city, the closest city to Cianwood island. Kelvin was very sheltered as a child, and as a result spent most, if not all, of his time with his parents. As a result he was very close to both his father and his mother. His mother was his safety net for whatever he did, she was always there to help him and if he were to make any mistakes, which was unlikely due to his mothers guidance, she was there to fix things for him. Kelvin and his mother also spent much of their time playing with the Pokémon that belonged to Kelvin's father. Kelvin's dad was his role model. His father was seen as a highly skilled trainer and was greatly respected throughout both Johto and Kanto, and even defeated three of the Elite Four before being defeated by Karen. When Kelvin got older, it was his dream to be as great a Pokémon trainer as his father and he thought he could achieve them with his father as his mentor. Kelvin grew up as an intelligent, confident young child.

When he turned fifteen, Division began their invasion in the Sinnoh region. The attack sent shockwaves throughout the Johto region, but Kelvin's parents believed that they would be stopped before they could invade Johto, especially when Kanto and Johto combined forces. When Division finally arrived in Johto, and more specifically Olivine, Kelvin and his family took refuge on the beach. Once the members of Division began to attack them, Kelvin's father released his Tentacruel into the sea and ordered it to take Kelvin to Cianwood, knowing there would be a haven there. Kelvin didn't want to leave his parents but Tentacruel obeyed its trainer and grabbed Kelvin with its tentacles and pinned it to its upper body and began to set off for its destination. Kelvin roared for the water type to set it free and before the pair were out of ear shot, Kelvin heard a blood curdling screech. It came from his mother, and Kelvin knew that Division were putting her under immense pain. Kelvin then heard his father roar at the Division members, before letting out a shout filled with pain. Kelvin came to the fairly obvious conclusion that both his parents were murdered by the Division members.

Upon arriving at Cianwood, Tentacruel left Kelvin down on the island before heading back into the sea. Kelvin was left on his own for the first time in his life, and didn't cease crying for his first three days on the island. However on the fourth day his hunger overwhelmed him and he went in search of food. It was then that he found the Rebels. Once he found out their aims, he joined with no questions. Ever since he has tried his hardest to help out the team and take down Division. (How did your character get to Cianwood Island? Or join the rebels? How did their family fare during the war? Are they still in occupied Johto? How was their training? Etc.)

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