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    Raike Destan: Human District Contractee

    -Raike only shrugged at Venius's unsaid defeat and picked up a mug of coffee grimacing slightly at the taste as is rolled down his throat. He didn't enjoy coffee really, but he could feel his weariness beginning to cause his eyes to droop and lower. As soon as the liquid touched his tongue he felt the fatigue being beaten back with a metal broom and he sat up straighter. Placing the mug down on the fine table, he took another bite out of the sweet pear, chewing thoughtfully. Everything in the God's district could be nothing less than perfect and no less abstract; moving away from that thought he spoke with a note of finality and frankness.-

    "Well given the certain devices you claim everyone here uses in everyday life, you'll have to excuse me in saying that you all are a collection of fake posers. I will also say that I guess the saying, "Be happy with who you are" never reached here, or was censored for being to individualistic, which is very sad indeed. Your president is an *******."

    -Sitting back in his seat he crossed his arms defiantly and glared at Venius, daring to say something about it, but then decided to add something else.-

    "I hope you're precious district also realizes they have been turned into prisoners, and tricked into thinking themselves safe. Its a simple government trick, usable by even a 6 year old to gain dominion over the rest of the class. Make them think that if they are not with him, and if they do not follow his rules, they are not going to remain safe. So fueled by fear they rush to his side like ants to their hills. A damn shame.

    I am good looking, yes but we will see what happens when the interview comes.... speaking of which, when is it? The time seems to have slipped my mind.""
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