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    Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
    2 things to say,
    no.1, plz dont ask for release dates, it rushes the hacker and if you want a quality hack you dont want that because rushing can lead to the zombie apocalypse.
    no.2, hack looks great but may i make a suggestion? maybe add in Red, Gold, and Crystal as fightable trainers and hid them. that would be fun. also, maybe add yourself as a fightable trainer, you could be real creative with that one!
    No.3, how many legends are gonna be in there and could you tell us a bit more about the story? as in elaborate a bit more? because if you can elaborate a bit more, it could attract more people to this hack. it makes sense, because the story is the first thing they see.
    no.4, i know i said 2 things, but im insane that way so yeah..........
    no.5, all an all though, nice hack! looks great and im looking foward to playing it. keep it up, and is this really your startup hack? pretty good for that~!
    2. I've already done something like this, so don't you worry.

    3. I haven't added any legendaries because they were part of Gold's story and wouldn't fit putting them in here again. The story I've already said is your usual Pokemon affair, I have added a bit of a twist to it that hasn't been used before, or at least never called to attention. There's not much I can say about it, I wanted to make a regular Pokemon adventure.

    5. I have made random small hacks that were terrible and nobody had ever played before as practice.

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