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I'm currently working on fleshing out my current alpha of the tool a bit. I'll be releasing an alpha of it soon, likely within a week! The tool can currently only view script from PMD Explorers of time, though it does attempt to parse Explorers of Sky as well. (It parses incorrectly, however.)

Current features:
  • Can read in the entire ROM, and parse the script files inside it.
  • Hex (in words) and partial assembly are shown, side by side
  • The scroll boxes are set to scroll at the same time.
  • The file you are looking at in the ROM is highlighted in the tree view!
Features not fully implemented:
  • Loading works fully, saving is not implemented.
  • ONLY .SSB files can be parsed, (other than .NDS roms)
  • It currently only allows for loading of PMD EoT, and PMD EoS, english versions. Other versions may be possible, but are not supported
  • Scrollboxes can get out of sync. If this happens, click either scrollbar, and they will re-sync.
Known bugs (Prone to change closer to release):
  • PMD: EoS doesn't parse correctly (I haven't implemented any sort of version check, so it tries to use the same commands as Time, which are incorrect for Sky.
  • Scrollboxes get out of sync easily if you use the arrow keys to move around the text boxes. (I may removes the two, and just have one.)
  • "reload" in the menu doesn't work. (Not implemented)
  • In certain rare cases, if the commands don't parse correctly (or key ones are missing) then the strings and "constants) will get messed up which will prevent the script from loading properly. This is currently only fixable by adding the unknown command to the parser. (Later I may make it so it can safely ignore this and still parse strings and constants properly, but for now it's a bug that I don't care to fix, as it helps me to easily identify problem areas.)
Planned fixes/tweaks before release:
  • UI enhancements (Possible merge of the two files.
  • Saving possible (Might not do this til later)
  • let reload work
  • Make it so it closes the file after reading all NDS data from it. (Less annoying that way)
  • Fix up the code to work better.
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