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    Why give away the gimmicks they are known for?

    Besides why would they change actual game mechanics on the basis of what goes on when cheaters battle? Cheaters shouldnt even be in the equation, except getting rid of them.
    It would be like giving up and telling us there is nothing wrong with cheating.

    And EVEN IF they did that, which is not the case, they would have to change more than just that to prevent it from happening ever again.

    And as iTeruri points out below, if they wanted to fix Wonder Guard, they wouldn't go mess with the type chart instead of Wonder Guard itself.

    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    I saw comments about Ice and Poison, granted the type itself sucks, but the moves for both those types are pretty common in competitive teams. Although the type and Pokemon with those types are usually pathetically weak, they really don't need major boosts as they already counter a few of the more devastating types.

    Ice is the end all beat all trump to Dragon Pokemon. There is only 1 Non-Legendary Dragon Pokemon that isn't weak to Ice types and that's Kingdra who's stats aren't all that great.

    Now the original post said something that COULD have lead to Bug and Ghost's relationship to change. Sableye and Spiritomb are annoying when hacked, not that they aren't annoying on their own. Giving the ONLY type combination in existence without a weakness, a weakness is a good thing.

    Other than that Bug is also one of the weaker types with even less effective attack moves than Poison or Ice, and really other than a small handful, Bug types aren't used that often. Pokemon or attack wise.
    No one is talking about Ice offensively.

    You cant excuse crappy defense with great offense when it comes to types.
    Offense is only related to the pokemon itself by STAB, whereas defense is completely fixed.

    -Anyone can use an Ice move.
    -Ice pokemon suck.
    =>Ice needs a defensive buff.

    You cannot compare the offensive and defensive aspects of types directly, because one is optional while the other is inherent.

    I mean seriously, it has 4 weaknesses (including Fight and Rock of all things) and ONE resistance.

    Anyways, heres how I would fix the chart to make it more balanced:
    To improve Ice defensively I would give it several resistances, two gamechanging and one simple:
    -Ground (that would be one drastic buff. With this, bulky Ice pokes like Cloyster and Glaceon are not a cruel useless joke, but actually viable candidates to switch into earthquakes and fight back!)
    -Dragon (nothing bar Steel stops this type, so Ice would make dragons think twice, like everyone else.)
    -Water (it would make an interesting second both way resist situation like Bug/Fight)

    Then I would cripple Steel a bit by giving it another weakness:
    -Electric (at the same time making this fella offensively almost as important as Rock/Fight/Ground)(lol Skarmory would then share its brothers quad weakness. Also Empoleon)

    Next of course making Poison not a waste of moveslots, by making it SE on:
    -Normal (this one is to good defensively for the "default" type anyways and its kind of a no-brainer)
    -Dark (they can deal with it (except for the Grass ones...))

    Buff Rock slightly:
    -Rock (it should resist its own Stealth Rock right? besides I nerfed the other super offense Ground too.)

    Get rid of some stuff Grass sucks against:
    (its just painful with alll those resistances. Just because its weak to them doesnt mean it has to suck against them)

    Give Psy something else to kill:
    -Ghost (both ways weakness, hell yea.)
    (with its 2 immunities its still better than everything bar Steel)
    I would even get rid of one of Ghosts resistances:
    -Poison neutral against Ghost

    With that, the field would be way more even.
    The only thing left is Steel being ridiculously superior. I don't see a way to fix that though.

    I got that in a picture:

    So even after all that theorizing and balancing, I would choose to remove the Poison resistance, NOT THE BUG one, simply because Poison can be completely nulified by one type.

    ==>Bug neutral against Ghost would be unecessary. And not even the most reasonable way to give Spiritomb a weakness....if that was even an issue to begin with.
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