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Hi there guys, I signed up to this website the other day so I could check the value of my Pokemon cards, I have far to many to list, but they are all collected from Pokemon gold down, I lost interest when it all started going to game boy advances but, I have some ones that Wikipedia says are rare:

Please ask for any information you need me to post to give me a value and wether they are worth selling or keeping hold of for now?

Holo scythes with no shadow? 10/64 has like a vile plume head below the picture, copyrighted 1995,96,98 Nintendo,creatures, game freak 1999 wizards if that's any use to you?

Unknown 30/105

Rapid ash 31/147 it has no shadow and bottom left hand corner of card has like a e crossed with a Pokemon ball with a little star next to it, this looks really new compared to the other ones.

Energy, darkness energy special energy card 104/111

Raichu 21/64

Trainer super energy removal. 79/102

Trainer Pokemon trader 77/102

Nidoqueen 23/64

Trainer computer search 71/102

Trainer lt surges secret plan 107/132

Delibird 5/64

Dark hypno 26/82

Celebi 16/64

Sudowoodo 26/64

Energy, metal energy, special energy card 94/109

Pinsir 25/64

Raikou 13/64

None of these cards have shadows, is there any uncommon cards or common cards I should be looking through my deck for? I have pocket monster cards too. And also two blaines charmanders, both are same card, different art work, 60/132 and 61/132.

I have a common pikachu that I have seen with red cheeks but mine has red, it's 58/102

I have a holo shadowless Mudkip 59/109

Please can someone advise me? And tell me what common and uncommon cards are worth something so I can check my deck, also are basic energies worth anything? I have a pile about 6 or 7 cm high, there's about 200 different cards.