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    Magikarp, Bidoof, Metapod, Rattata, Goldeen, Jigglypuff, Zigzagoon, Cascoon/Silcoon, Luvdisc, Pachirisu, male Combees, Glameow/Purugly, Purrloin/Liepard, Vanillite (Just because it's ice cream), Litwick (Just because it's a candle), Stunfisk
    Of course, there's Zubat, Machop, Onix and Geodude, but it's only because they're in EVERY game.
    Personally, the only Pokemon I really hate is Hypno because it's so creepy o.o

    Bad Pokemon have problems too, they're just like you, except their Pokemon.
    The world needs to open their eyes, and realize, they're not perfect and sometimes they die.
    The bread master says, 'Yo'