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    Name: Drgons90
    Starter Pokemon: Snivy and Piplup! <3!!
    Why would you like to join the club: Snivy is included in my favorite pokemons(cool smug and leaf tornado). Also I am interested in this point system, it will make this club active.

    Edit: About the topic " if you were going to die, and the only way to live was to pick our least favorite starter, which one would it be?"

    Forgive me, Torchic. Torchic easily gets owned in Gen III(first leader rock type, no problem if evolved, 4th fire, fire vs fire = boring match. 6th flying type, poor fighting types. 7th Psychic, fighting types hate this too. 8th(hardest leader) water type, such cruel fate for Blaziken. And if emerald, champion is water type, truly hopeless if you plan on sending him in the battle.)