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    Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
    Yeah, the whole area is based on the New York metropolitan area, but I have placed it roughly where Vladivostok is, which shares the geography of the central strip and two pieces of land on either side. This isn't for any reason other than it seemed wasteful to include North America just to have it on there, but I also didn't want it omitted completely. This is a compromise placement so that it's on the same image, but still far away from the others. I hope that makes sense.
    It makes sense as to why you've placed it there... but given that there's been confirmation that Unova was based on New York City, it feels like you're trying to shoehorn Unova into its current location like a jigsaw piece that doesn't quite fit. It's your prerogative and all, but it doesn't really flow with the rest of the map. Maybe you could just excerpt New York City and put it in the same image?

    In any event, the rest of the map is really well done and thoroughly researched. I knew that Kanto and Johto were based on areas of Japan, but it's really interesting to see Hoenn, Sinnoh and all the others brought into the mix. It's a really impressive achievement that you've got here!
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