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    Chapter 4: Death in Castle Koopa

    Clive walked down the dungeons down in the castle's basement and opened the door to one of them.

    “Hey, do you always come in without knocking? When am I going to get some food” a Toad shouted from inside. Clive had been chosen to be this toad's personal guard and was quite annoyed at his attitude.

    “Do you ever shut up?” Clive shouted back. “I was just about to feed you.” He brought a tray in with some food and put it down beside the Toad.

    “About time too, I'm starving,” the Toad said before beginning to eat. Clive shook his head in disgust, he was used to this though.

    “Not even a thank you. I hope you choke on it,” Clive muttered under his breath as he left. At least the other prisoners he was assigned to look after had better attitudes even though they weren't too happy about being captured. Afterwards he walked out of the dungeons and back into the main grounds. He heard a voice call him from behind.

    “Clive, can I speak to you for a second,” the voice said. Clive turned around to see Francine.

    “Oh hi Francine, how may I be of service?” Clive asked.

    “Bowser has asked me to give you this if I see you,” Francine said handing Clive a new ID card. Clive knew what it meant.

    “I've been promoted,” Clive said surprised.

    “Bowser is busy right now in the Mushroom Kingdom and wanted to give it you in person but he asked me to do it instead,” Francine said.

    “Thank you very much,” Clive said. “I'll be sure to give my thanks to Bowser the next time I see him.”

    Francine then walked off. Clive smiled and put his new card under his shell. He was about to walk off the he heard a loud scream from behind. Clive stopped in his tracks and ran to see what the scream was. He kept running and was shocked at what he saw next. Roy was kneeling down over the lifeless bloody body of Francine, the koopalings' mother and who Clive had just spoken to.

    “Mum, wake up,” Roy sobbed. There were other guards around who looked shocked, some turned away and couldn't look while others broke down in tears.

    “Oh my god,” Clive said shocked. “She's, she's, she's dead,” he added barely able to say the words.

    Bowser returned shortly afterwards with Peach.

    “Hey, let me go Bowser,” Peach said.

    “I can't do that,” Bowser said. “I have plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and you are part of the plan.”

    Bowser parked his clown car on the balcony of his bedroom and they got in to see Kamek standing there.

    “Kamek, what are you doing here?” Bowser said. “You know you can't just come in here.”

    “Its your wife,” Kamek said starting to get teary. “She's gone”.

    “Gone?” Bowser asked confused. “What do you mean?”

    Kamek just stood there staring at Bowser.

    “Kamek, where's my wife?” Bowser demanded instantly forgetting about Peach.

    “She's dead.” Kamek finally said after a long pause. Bowser was gobsmacked and Peach was equally shocked. Bowser ran out his bedroom leaving Peach alone.

    “Bowser, where are you going?” Kamek shouted running after Bowser. They continued to run and Bowser stopped just outside the throne-room when he saw the koopalings and several troops crying.

    “Daddy you're back,” the koopalings all said all as they ran over to Bowser giving him a big hug.

    “Mum's dead, Dad” Roy cried. “Someone murdered her.”

    “I know kids,” Bowser said. “Kamek told me.

    “Who did this daddy, who would kill our mum?” Wendy cried.

    “I don't know Wendy, I don't know. But when I find out, I'll make sure he pays,” Bowser said.

    “Sir, may I speak to you?” a hammer brother said.

    “Go ahead,” Bowser said. He and the koopalings calmed down and stopped crying although they were still quite teary.

    “I am Monty Koopa from Vibe Island's elite hammer brother's unit. We have information what might help track your wife's killer,” the hammer brother said.

    “Continue,” Bowser said.

    “I saw three Toads acting quite suspiciously earlier near the Dark Land border. It is my belief that they or someone else may have been responsible,” Monty added.

    “Thanks for letting me know. Take your unit and explore the border. Let me know if you see anything. If anyone gets in your way or you find those toads, capture them and interrogate them,” Bowser ordered.

    “Will do,” Monty said before leaving.

    “Bowser, I thought Peach was with you,” Larry asked.

    Bowser covered his mouth in shock as he forgot all about Peach when he heard about what happened to Francine.

    “I almost forgot, I left her in my bedroom.” Bowser said.

    “Bowser,” Bowser heard a voice say from behind. Bowser turned around to see Peach looking sad.

    “Peach, what are you doing down here?” Bowser asked.

    “I'm sorry to hear about your wife Bowser, really I am.” Peach said.

    “Peach, I don't mean no offence but it is my belief that someone in your kingdom did this to my wife. I have received information that Mario was in Dark Land with a group of toads while I was kidnapping you,” Bowser said.

    “I assure you that I had nothing to do with this but if I find out Mario was behind this, I will see that he pays,” Peach said. “Our kingdoms may be at war but I did not intend at all for this to happen.”

    “I know. Peach, just leave now. I was going to keep you here but as you can see things have changed so please leave me and my kids alone for now,” Bowser said.

    “Okay,” Peach said and then proceeded to leave the castle.

    “What? You're going to just let her go?” Wendy said.

    “Yes,” Bowser said. “I believe her words and right now isn't the right time to make my takeover plans. When all this is settled and back to normal, then I'll recapture Peach and put my plans back on.”

    Meanwhile near the borders of Dark Land, a group of six hammer brothers stood by as Monty spoke.

    “Okay, our orders are to explore this area and look for any clues as to the whereabouts and identity of Francine's killer. If we spot anyone suspicious, we are to take them prisoner and question them,” Monty said.

    One hammer brother found something buried under the soil as they were searching.

    “Hey Monty, I think I found something,” he said. Monty walked over and examined the find.

    “It's a sledge hammer,” Monty said identifying it as a sledge brother's hammer. He noticed blood on it. Monty was shocked.

    “This must be what killed Francine. We need to have this checked.” he added. They continued to search but found nothing else. They noticed someone walking near to the border and realised it was a Toad.

    “Hey you,” Monty shouted to the toad. The toad saw the hammer brothers and saw them with the bloodied hammer and tried to run.

    “Get him,” Monty ordered as the hammer brothers ran towards the toad. The toad tripped over a stone and fell over. He tried to get back up but Monty jumped on him pinning him down.

    “Thought you could get away from us, did you?” Monty said as the rest of the hammer brothers stood around him.
    The toad sighed in defeat as Monty tied him up. He carried the toad into a dark, quiet area near the border where they couldn't be seen and put the Toad down followed by the rest of the hammer brothers.

    “Now then, what is your name and what were you doing near our borders?” Monty asked the toad.

    The toad just closed his eyes and turned his face away like a snob.

    “So you choose not to answer, do you? Monty said. He stood right next to the toad and put his hammer next to his head. The toad was now scared.

    “Normally I wouldn't use this kind of threat in an interrogation. I could just tickle the information out of you or something but this isn't any ordinary interrogation. Someone is dead and you just happen to be in the area where the murder weapon was found. Now I suggest you answer my questions or I will hammer you into submission,” Monty warned angrily.

    “Okay, okay, I was in the area with three other toads earlier and I was told to claim the hammer back but you got there first,” the toad said.

    “So you admit to being responsible for Francine's murder?” Monty asked,

    “It wasn't me personally but it was another toad,” the toad said.

    “Give me the names as well as your own,” Monty said putting his hammer closer to the toad.

    “George P. Toad, Harold J. Toad and Kyle M. Toad. My name is Jack P. Toad and Kyle was the actual killer,” the toad said.

    “Where are they now?” Monty asked.

    “I don't know where they are now, they are probably either in Peach's castle or with Mario,” Jack said.

    “Thank you for being so co-operative,” Monty said as he wrote all the information down.

    “You and you,” Monty said referring to two of the hammer brothers with him. “Find these three Toads and capture them. Take them away from Toad Town and interrogate them then bring them to Castle Koopa.”

    The two hammer brothers left leaving just Monty and three others.

    “Jack P. Toad, you will be coming with us to Castle Koopa where you will stand trial along with your three friends for Francine's murder,” Monty said. “If found guilty, you will likely get executed. Do you have anything to say in your defence?”

    Jack remained silent. Monty then picked Jack up and carried him to Castle Koopa where he was put in one of the dungeons. The other three toads were captured not long after.
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