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    Originally Posted by Midnight Bear View Post
    Evolution stones are trivially easy to make, and they do not require any sort of script.

    Going from this tutorial, follow it up until the step on Item Manager. When you get there, go ahead and do what he tells you (the item's index, name, and description), but also check the values for one of the existing evolutionary stones (the specials and things like that). Set all of those exactly the same in your new stone.

    Then, convert the item's index into decimal, subtract 13 from it, and multiply the result by 4. Now, convert the result into hex, and add it to 0x2528BC. Open up your hex editor, and go to that address, and replace what is there with "56 28 25 08.

    Now, if you set a Pokemon to evolve using your item, it'll work.

    Then, continue his tutorial through the image and palette inserting and you're done - you do not need to do any kind of script. For this method (and it is the only method I know of), you do not even need JPAN's Hacked Engine.

    Thanks, glad to see that it's so simple!
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