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    Yeah, the few days ended up becoming a week but here's my review nonetheless!


    #12395723529438 Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'

    Rofl rofl rofl!

    I know the screenshots don't show much, but that there is some funny stuff!

    #2 Biker

    Eeehhhmm....nothing really, Sir, I was just passing by and you stopped me for no reason!

    And...he dissapeared right after I beat him!

    New rival or something?

    #3 Darkness Team again

    And we run across Team Darkness again!

    We also see some nice scripting done which is quite refreshing as always!

    W8, could that be.......YES!!!!!


    Apparently, just like Isaac, Captain Darkness also has an even stronger team, which after all the things I have seen, doesn't really surprise me anymore!

    Unfortunately for him, we are interrupted... Master Neal who saves the day!

    My thought was "This guy must be pretty strong to make the Darkness Captain and his team retreat!"

    Master Neal waves us goodbye, saying that we will meet again!(These screenshots were taken days ago and I don't remember many of the events)

    An old lady then appears(at least I think she is old, I can't really tell from the sprite) thanking us for chasing away Team Darkness!

    She asks us to meet her again in her farm so she can reward us, even explaining how we will open the gate!

    And this is what I'm talking about!

    This is a proper explanation on how a new mechanism works unlike that old invisible Key!

    #4 Milky Village Inn

    Off to the Milky Village!

    Since I'm there, I decide to go heal my Pokemon first!

    Don't want to run unprepared in any events that might require me to fight!


    Where the freak is the Pokecenter?


    "Milky Village Inn"

    Could it be...?

    Oh come on, I really have to pay this time?

    Well, it's just 100 Poké Dollars, it's not that expensive!

    I guess it's kinda logical for them to be far behind in technology and not have a Pokemon Center, after all we are in a Village, and this might also be a try to make it look more like an rpg.....

    ....too bad it's ruined by the fact that there is a computer right here and I can heal my Pokemon by just depositing them!(I'm joking of course!It would suck if there wasn't a computer to change my Pokemon!)

    #5 Jungle and Cobra

    Went to the farm, got my reward, did what I had to do in the Milky Village, bla bla bla, time to go to the jungle!

    Yeah. instead of the Safari Zone, we get a jungle!


    Time for an exciting and dangerous adventure with temples and dungeons full of booby traps and the ancient treasures of kings and gods, an endless ocean of trees full of carnivorous animals ready to feast on human flesh, a human that has grown with the apes since he was a baby and tribes that have lived away from the rest of the human civilization for THOUSANDS of years!

    No, but we do get to find the "Cobra" that guard warned us about....WHAT'S THIS???




    So, yeah I beat the Arbok, and people congratulated me for that.....I don't exactly remember what really happened!XD (As I said before, these screenshots were taken days ago)

    Off to the next route!

    I also have to say that by this point my Pokemon were starting to get tired due to all the battles!

    Couldn't there have been a PC in this building at least?

    #6 Zapdos

    A yellow bird Pokemon?

    Now which that might be?XD

    Of course, I know that she was talking about Zapdos but what I didn't expect was to see it right after a few moments!

    Although, we don't get to fight right away but instead it flies off far from us!(I think they said that it went to some tower?!?)

    I like how you start to introduce the Legendaries little by little!

    #7 Magikarp Trainer

    Aaaaah yes!

    Finding new uses for some not so famous Pokemon!

    That's always nice!

    Beating this guy was easy and I got the Dratini!

    I still haven't tried battling him again though!(which reminds me that I also never tried to evolve a Magikarp with the Water Stone to see what will happen! Maybe I'm gonna give it a try!)

    #8 Super Onix

    Huh......Super Onix....oh come on!

    Just how strong can that Super Onix be.....



    Although this is supposed to be a statue, I was still speechless by the sprite!

    #9 New companion

    And it's a girl!

    Oh ho ho!


    Someone is getting lucky tonight!

    Seriously now, it's good to get new companions but the problem remains!

    These companions do almost nothing and have served nothing important so far to the plot, and I say this after I have finished beta 3.0!

    #10 Water Gym

    Beating the gym of Argent Warehouse was surprisingly easy!

    Maybe it's the fact that I have a Bulbasaur and my team is much more trained than before!

    I like how you changed the color of Bugsy's sprite to make him match the theme of the gym!

    #11 Script Madness

    Ok, I'm done with Argent Warehouse pretty swiftly!

    Nothing extraordinary or dangerous so far, everything's fine!


    Ok, I admit, Earthquake scripts are always awesome!


    HOLY MOSES!!!!!!

    Miksy91 used CUTSCENE!

    It's super effective!

    MaX had a nerdgasm!

    That.....was the most freaking amazing thing I have ever seen in a Pokemon hack so far!

    I'm serious!

    The scripting done here must have been painful and it probably required a lot of hard work!

    Even though there was no battle with that semi-pseudo Legendary Super Onix, the cutscenes were more than enough to get me all fired up!

    #12 messing up

    After the Argent Warehouse, I messed up and went first guessed it, Deep Cavern!

    So, I fall down this hole and I'm like "@#$%!!!What now?"(Yes, I have completely forgotten that I had an Escape Rope with me!No, I didn't have the Flash HM yet)

    No big deal since I have saved, well before I went into the cave!

    I decide to keep going anyway and by utilizing a small trick with the pokemon battles, I am able to abuse the little light that I get, to proceed further into the cave...

    ...only to run into some guy here that uses the Anti Form from Kingdom Hearts 2!

    At this point, my Pokemon were still no match for him so I had to restart and this time make sure to go to the Brightbulb City!

    #13 Brightbulb City

    Eeehhmmm.....ok.........what the heck??

    Did I accidentally use my Pokemon Crystal rom?

    No, it turns out that poor Professor Joke gets tricked by all the @$$holes and he ends up giving them new Pokemon!(for some reason I didn't get any more screenshots from this part)

    The sad part is that I trick him as well and I get the Totodile this way!

    At this point, I figured out that in the future we will get the other two Johto starters as well in some way or another!

    Aaaaand...end of the line!

    Oh well, I still have a few things to do!

    #14 Idiot

    You don't say....

    #15 Gym Trainers

    No, there are not!

    Which reminds me, the trainers at the gyms really need a different dialogue for when you have beaten their leader!

    #16 Custom moves

    Or more like Pokemon that know moves they aren't supposed to know!

    And I also saw the Night Shade Guarados and some other which I don't remember right now!

    So, here's my question!

    Are we also able to learn such moves to our Pokemon?

    #17 Big Shoe

    It's open!


    Only one complaint!

    It lacks an elevator!

    Nice use of the Burglar trainer!

    But what now?

    Are we seriously gonna keep the sweater?


    First, we trick Professor Joke out of his Pokemon then we steal that poor guy's sweater?!?

    We are supposed to be heroes not Team Rocket!

    #18 Deep Cavern retry

    So, after getting well prepared, I go back to the Deep Cavern!

    Defeating the Guardian was still pretty difficult especially since he has that lvl 52 Snorlax!

    Ok, this guy just has to be a villain!

    What the....ok, seriously, did he freeze time or something?

    Even in the original pokemon games the screen flashes before the characters dissapear!

    Even ninjas aren't that fas....ooooohhh, I get it!

    He used the Space–Time Ninjutsu!


    And, at long last, we get the first Elemental Orb!

    Oh God, the cave is collapsing!



    No, the team escapes by using an escape rope!

    Out of curiosity, I backed up and then tried to do this part again without any Escape Rope (I tossed them)

    And....nothing different happened!

    You still use an Escape Rope to get out of the cave safe and sound!

    I guess a dark ending in a Pokemon would be would suck!

    And the cave has completely collapsed which reveals the Earthquake TM!

    The bad news is that kinda sucks since they were some pretty strong pokemon inside the cave who were good for training!

    Lady, the entire cave collapsed which was probably accompanied by a massive earthquake and all you have to talk about is swimming??????

    #19 Grand Tower

    So, all that's left is the Grand Tower!

    This one is definitely the hardest part of the beta 3.0

    Oh yeah, it's definitely Pokemon League all over again!

    Actually, defeating the first three was pretty easy but the hard part started when we reached the semi-finals!






    Oh well!!(Yeah, I know he isn't that Red but the name still blows my mind on so many levels!)

    This guy is tough!

    He gave me a pretty hard time but I still managed to beat him on my first try!

    ....AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, that's funny, you almost got me there man!

    You have humor, I give you that!

    Now seriously, where is my real prize?

    .................................WHAT THE @$$????




    Even the first Sage Elite gave me at least a PP Up!

    Sage Elite Red!?!

    More like SAGE ELITE DOUCHEBAG!!!!


    Anyway we're finally gonna meet Master Neal again!

    Oh God, no, I fell into the Deep Cavern again!

    No, actually we're just in a dark corridor on our way to Sage Master Neal!

    GREAT SCOTT, THIS GUY LOOKS [email protected]$$!

    I'm serious, this is one of the most awesome sprites I have ever seen in a Pokemon game!

    And......I get beaten to a pulp because Charizard is just way too strong!XD

    It wasn't until after I trained my Umbreon that I was able to take him out!

    Time to collect my grand prize!

    .....great, just great!

    First, Red gives me just a potion and now, Sage Master Neal rewards me with absolutely nothing!

    No, seriously, I checked my inventory afterwards and I didn't have anything new!(At least, I'm pretty positive that Master Neal wouldn't give me just a potion!)

    It wasn't till later that I thought that probably the item is still not programmed or that it might be a bug!

    Too bad that by that point I have already saved the game!

    Out of curiosity I tried to redo the challenge!

    And.....that's where I reach my limit because Sage Master Neal's Pokemon are now 70+ and that Charizard is simple impossible with the team I have right now!

    I think of restarting the game when the next beta comes out because more and more bugs keep popping up!

    And yes, that's recent!

    #20 Money

    ...are kinda a problem!

    Since there is no phone in this hack, there is no way of re-battling trainers to get more money!(other than the Grand Tower which is just too difficult)

    If you can add the feature in the next beta or any easier way to earn money for that matter, that would be nice!

    #21 Daycare

    One of the best features that 2nd generation introduced is breeding!

    We need it!

    Pretty please!XD


    Nuff said!

    That's all I had to say for now!(at least so I think!I might have forgotten something!)

    Good luck with the next beta and see you soon again!
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