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Danielle Accola - Forest

The sun was starting to set slowly, but for Danielle...entering the forest seemed like it was getting dark. There was no light, the trees above were covering the blue sky. The area was just too quiet. Pokemon, in particular grass and bug types, can be heard anywhere. It felt like a horror movie for Danielle. At the same time, she wondered about the battle, and why Mienfoo stormed off like that. There's so many questions Danielle wanted to ask. But she's more heartbroken by Mienfoo not working well with Ozzy. She knew that from the start of the battle with Mark. It makes perfect sense. Since the battle at the Power Plant, he wanted to battle Ozzy and keep battling him till death...which sounds very extreme. What does Mienfoo have against Ozzy?

Then, as Danielle stopped running in the middle of the forest, she realized something. Mienfoo is just used to being the only Pokemon for Danielle. He's an independent Pokemon, he'll do just about anything to gain the attention of Danielle. But with the capture of Ozzy, Mienfoo may have grown jealous of him, making him feel isolated from Danielle. Danielle tried catching her breath, but at the same time she wants to throw herself crying in disappointment, blaming herself for the loss of Mark's battle.

But she's not sad that she lost to a childhood friend of hers. She wondered how Mark reacted when she stormed off suddenly to find Mienfoo. Awkward at the same time, too. Tears fell from both of her eyes as she walked slowly in the forest.

“Danielle!!” A voice was heard...faintly. Either the forest was talking to her, or someone went after her. It was probably Lucia, since it was a female voice.

“Hang on, I'll help too!” a male voice was heard faintly as well. It was either Mark or Jack, she couldn't determine the voice.

Danielle didn't see where the two voices came from, she turned around, looking around in circles of the forest. “Lucia? Mark? Jack?” Danielle called out. “How far am I?”

“Mieeeeeeeeen!!!” Suddenly, a squeal was heard from behind. It was definitely Mienfoo, based on the cry. Danielle jumped on alert, her ears trying to scan where the sound was coming from. There was also a different Pokemon cry too. Is Mienfoo in trouble? Danielle walked a few steps ahead, with the sounds a bit closer than before. She then hears a faint explosion close. one step closer, and Mienfoo, out of nowhere, flies out from the left. Landing on the ground, hesitant to get up. Danielle gasped and ran towards him.

“Mienfoo! There you are!” Danielle yelled. “What happened to you? What's going on?”

Mienfoo got up quick, and formed a ball of energy at the palms of his hands. He then ran and threw his Focus Blast at the tree up above. Danielle had no clue what or who is he battling with, or where is this Pokemon.

“Mienfoo! Mienfoo!” Danielle tries to stop. “Who are you battling?”

Out of nowhere, where Mienfoo threw his Focus Blast at, a dragonfly-like Pokemon appeared out from the tree. With red skin, green eyes and orange stripes on the tip of its wings were ready to aim, the Pokemon started to use SonicBoom at Mienfoo. He then takes the hit, but lightly. It was a weak throw.

“A Yanma!” Danielle exclaimed, starting to get excited. “Mienfoo, keep battling! I wanna catch this one.”

Mienfoo growled at Danielle. He didn't want Danielle to catch any Pokemon, as she saw her trying to find a PokeBall. Mienfoo threw a Swift star at Danielle, preventing her to get a Pokeball out. “Foooo.”

“Stop it, Mienfoo. You can't tell me which Pokemon I should catch!” Danielle yelled. “You promised you'd be okay with other Pokemon in our party. You promised you'd get along with Ozzy and you deliberately disobeyed me. Pokemon are one of the reasons why I came to this Academy!”

As Mienfoo was getting even more grumpier and mad at Danielle, his face went from a frown to a straight-line expressionless face. His temper was going down, as Danielle could tell. “Mien.....”

Danielle smiled, seeing that Mienfoo is starting to show signs of forgiveness to Danielle. But she quickly remembered the Yanma Mienfoo was battling. It was still floating in front of them, ready to attack. Mienfoo knew what to do next as he glanced at it. He jumped in front, and aims a huge punch at Yanma. He got a lot quicker than when he was at the battle with Mark. His fist, however, turned red, punching the Yanma. And...what's this? The power of the fist is sucking the energy from the Yanma? This must be a new move for Mienfoo, probably learned from the previous battle.

“Yeah yeah! DRAIN PUNCH!” Danielle cheered. Smiling and cheering that Mienfoo has finally learned the move.

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