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    Oh yes...I'm back for clubs again.

    Name: Otherworld9)
    Partner Pokemon: Dexter the Magnezone!

    My favourite Electric Pokemon would be the Magnemite line. Magnemite, at first, looked pretty cool and the fact he was a steel/electric added to its charm. I loved its stats and how he helped me get through PMD Red. Then Magnezone is also amazing. I loved his final look, and how he was a major killer in my team. I find him rather adorable, and discovered about him in the movie where Shaymin was introduced.

    As a mascot...any cute little rascal could pass for one, although Pikachu is quite the famous rodents...maybe Pichu could pass off as the mascot. Not because I love rodents

    What do you think is the strongest Electric type Pokemon and why? For extra fun, don't include legendaries!
    -In my opinion, I would say Electivire due to stats and overall, despite his defense being pretty low. Although I do like its attack stat. I could also go with Jolteon, simply for the speed and high special attack.