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    ((Just letting you know, the purple text is a monster speaking, and light blue is something called a Devahog.))

    Chapter 4
    Shiver's POV

    A bright glow came from my body. Though there was no pain, a light blue gem emerged. I knew what it was. it was a Chaos Emerald. After the first battle with Mephiles was over, the emeralds had gone to places unknown. But why was one in me?

    I instantly knew what to do. I place the emerald near Shadow, and the light enveloped him, healing his wounds. Once the bright light shone no more, I hid the emerald in a small brown shoulder bag. Shadow was waking up!

    His red eyes met my blue, and the black hedgehog said "See,I'm fine Shiver." I smiled and nodded, unable to speak.

    After helping him up, and grabbing my bag, we got back to where we last were and finally reached the middle of the forest. Shadow looked around and asked "Where is she?" I shrugged. "I'm sure I saw her go this way. Weird, why would she-"

    Suddenly, the ground started to shake violently. A large darkness covered us, but onyl this part of the forest. Shadow then yelled "UP THERE!" A large monster slammed onto the ground.

    It was the size of 2 houses, as long as a football field, and was pitch black. It had 3 eyes, all lime green with lined pupils. It was shaped like a spider, and had purple stripes all over its body and legs.

    Shadow growled. "We have to fight!" He then jumped up and started to attack it. I imediently grabbed Kori and pulled it out of its seath. Shadow looked a bit surprised,and while he was distracted, the monster swung one leg towards him. I jumped, got in front of Shadow, and slashed the leg. It didn't fall off, but it went away. The black hedgehog looked over at me and said "Thanks. Nice sword." I smirked, then we continued to fight.

    I decided this was the perfect time to test out my discovery. I pulled out the emerald, again surprising Shadow, even more this time. But the spider seemed excited. "Me find emerald! Master be proud if I bring emerald back! Now both hedgehogs see wrath of Jaakuna!" Jaakuna then leaped towards me. But before he even got close, I teleported. Yes, Chaos Control. A light blue glow then enveloped my body, making me rise to the air and creating a shield.

    A sudden memory flashed through my mind. It was me with six other hedgehogs. The words Devahog, Mari, Protecters went through my mind. I remembered my past now.

    And then, the glow enveloped the entire area. My voice, along with an older woman's voice, echoed through the area. "Evil being who follows the past of darkness. You shall now feel the strength of Mari, one of the second Devahogs, a spirit of ice, a protecter to all good and light."
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