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AVA - Village on the Outskirts of Dalenham


The orc's head toppled over as Avangeline delivered her final blow. She stood up straight, wiping the dirty blood off her brow, examining the remains of her battle. Of course, she had won, there was no doubt, but she had been sloppy. Caught off guard for just a second and swarmed by at least six or seven Orcs. Luckily, the dumb brutes were stupid enough to hit each other in the head with their own axes. If the battle had been against highwaymen or perhaps knights, Avangeline still would have been victor. She was good and she knew it too.

Still, sloppy. She sheathed her swords, confident she had wiped out the last of her 'ambush' and wiped her cheek with her thumb. That blood was rich red, not a murky and dull maroon; that blood was her own. She she had been grazed on the face? She would no doubt receive some kind of abuse for it. Even if she retold her story, it would still be the same treatment. Hopefully Varian would cut her some slack.

She kicked aside the carcass and headed back into town, looking for the rest of her team. They had come here as a group and as soon as the orcs came into view, Avangeline ran into the fray, probably a little too hasty. The threat had been eliminated anyways, so it didn't matter. She silently hoped that if there were any surviving villagers, they had escaped while the mercenaries were at their work.

She found herself back at the gates of Dalenham, their rendezvous, to see Varian and Cass (it seemed Alys hadn't returned yet), exchanging conversation. Avangeline waved as they noticed her walking down the road. It looked like they had fared as well as Avangeline had, with not much of a sign that they had been battling angry orcs barely an hour go. Actually, Cass stunk quite bad of blood. Avangeline quickly thought how she must smell. Horrible, perhaps. She didn't bother smelling for herself; she would have a nice bath today with her payout. And perhaps some meat. And a nice bed. Not the nicest bed, but an inn's bed was always better than rocks.

"Well, that was easy gold," Avangeline said as she came within speaking distance.
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