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Update #4

Caught myself a Chinchou and went about to level it to Lv 25 so it had an electric attack
Surfed to Cianwood
Strangly enough, the gym trainers gave me more trouble than the leader
Primape fell quickly to Surf(s)
As for Poliwrath, I strarted by paralyzing him, then I switched to my recently evolved Tentacruel who confused him. Then, Wrap and Acid did the trick
After that, I flew back to Olivine and destroyed Jasmine with Quagsire
Even Steelix didn't stand a chance despite a 9 level gap.
Then, I went to Lake of Rage and caught the red Gyarados.
I'm now with Lance in the Mahogany Team Rocket Headquarters

Current Team : Tentacruel Lv 30 / Quagsire Lv 28 / Croconaw Lv 28 / Lanturn Lv 28
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