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    Your Favourite out of of Your Plushies: I can't just pick one D: I guess Chip. XD and also, my Doremi plushie :3
    The Plushie you would most want in the whole wild world ever: Dragonair, Dratini, Lucario, Riolu, Victini, and a LIFE-SIZED TAILS PLUSHIE.


    these 4 just happened to be next to me.. XD Up front is my cherished Doremi plushie :3 got her online for like, 10 bucks! =O
    on top of the Gamecube are Olive-Chan and Chip :3
    The old man in the back on top of the Genesis is Chip's Grandpa, Greyheart. (GREYHEART IS SO SOFT AND SQUISHY AND OMGEEEE~~)
    and yes, I have a Sega Dreamcast! and while grabbing Doremi I accidentally ejected the XBox disc so I'm at the title screen of Sonic Unleashed. XD

    ...... which reminds me, I have THIS beauty!

    He's the most expensive plushie I own-made mom pay like 30 or 40 bucks on him! Worth it? YES! <333
    And for the record, I keep him in his plastic bag most of the time so he doesn't get dirty. (not like Werehoggy Sawnikku would be out and about with everyone anyway)

    ... now, where was I? Oh yes. next to my computer is my shelf of goodies (mostly Sonic stuff), and on said shelf is...

    My Jirachii, Manaphy, Blaziken, Meowth, Chimchar, and Seal plushies!
    Chimchar was my first Pokemon plushie. I bought him at that TRU Manaphy event way back when!
    Jira and Mana I bought at Target
    Meowth I found at a yardsale, Blaziken I won at a little carnival thingy at a FireHouse (how fitting. XD)
    Seel I found 2 identical ones in a random thrift store. I kept one and gave the second one to my buddy... who just so happens to be an Official Pokemon Professor! :D
    I also have a 12" Talking Piplup, but he lives with my Dad <3

    AAAAAAAND my pride and joys:
    (this bed is a FULL-size. They are THAT big!)
    Pyuuchuu is the giant Pika. I won him from a shooting game at the town Carnival. Zoro, the Zorua, I won from the same Carnival, but at a Ring.. Bottle.. Fishing.. Thing.. game...
    Big-T, the big Tails plushie, I won from a claw machine! :D
    hiding behind the pillow is Sonicbear, my large Sonic Plushie. Beware, he is EVIL! :O
    Hiding behind SB and in front of Zoro is an evil Alvin the Chipmunk plushie name Elvin. XD
    and the smaller Sonic and Tails plushies are just.. Sonic and Tails. XD around thier necks are the magical myserious Chaos Rings =O
    The piggy is called Baconbits, the Doggy is Bob, and that bunny has no name. XD

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