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Originally Posted by Bofahad View Post
Hey do you have a Ditto different nationality (Japanse or Chinese) or from HG & SS?
I have Zoroua.. if you want.. please reply!
Nope,sorry :/ Everything i list is what i have for a trade!

Originally Posted by charizard1999 View Post
An event one. the person that offered it to me said it would be a couple of weeks because he has to get another ds to trade with himself from his 5th gen to his 4th gen
Well,as soon as you know what kind of darkrai it is,please inform me

Originally Posted by SchwarzRozen View Post
Are the Pokemon able to be traded over from Fourth Gen to 5th Gen?

That Deoxys event looks sexy, and I kind of want it.

I could try to get it from you and import it to my games on Thursday.
Um,im not sure if it is possible.I hadnt played yet a 5th gen game,im waiting for black 2!But if it is possible,what do you have for trade?