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    With at least 15
    [IMG](image url goes here)[/IMG]

    I also think you can simply
    copy and paste sprites if you're using IE. I might be wrong, though.
    I get
    the sprites from Bulbapedia.

    Thanks, 8bitSilence!

    Challenge: Ultimate Monotype.
    Version: FireRed.
    Type: Normal.


    • Ran into a sleeping snorlax. Used the pokeflute to wake him up, battled a little with my raticate Twister, and caught him. Nicknamed "Volcano".
    • Made it to Fuchsia City where I battled Koga and defeated him.
    • Played around in the Safari Zone for awhile. Wanted to stay long enough to catch some real exciting Normal-types, but lost patience. Obtained HM Surf and peaced out.
    • Taught Volcano HM Surf. Surfed down to Seafoam Islands for the training experience, but didn't stick around too much there. (Also reminded me that I have yet to get HM Strength...woops, better get on that.)
    • Flew to Pallet Town on my Farfetch'd, Ch'ding, and surfed down on towards Cinnabar Island.
    Current Team::

    Tempest: male persian, lv. 46.
    Monsoon: male pidgeot, lv. 45.
    Twister: female raticate, lv. 45.
    Quake: female fearow, lv. 37.
    Ch'ding: male farfetch'd, lv. 32.
    Volcano: male snorlax, lv. 30.