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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Beach

    Hikari listened to Alexis as she putted a paw on her back and promised her she would keep Daniel from hurting Ruby. 'Hmm... Thanks Alexis.' Hikari smiled at her, but still worried alot. Right now they looked really happy, but not even Alexis knows what he does around girls since he Ruby is one of the first ones he talked to. What if he would kiss every girl he speaks to?

    The thought of that made Hikari shake her head, what a stupid thought, why would he do that? Hikari chuckled over her own stupidness. For now she should try to trust, so she'll try and believe Alexis. Hikari looked up at the two trainers and smiled a bit as she saw Daniel waving, maybe he wasn't that bad? Hikari playfully jumped on Alexis to make her get underwater, she then got from Alexis back so she could get above again.

    Ruby felt how Daniel tilted his head and saw how he waved to the pokemon, it made her smile slightly. Then, unexpected, Daniel gently placed his hand on her chin and made her face him. She saw how he started smiling and immediately her suprised face got a lil blush.

    Daniel started talking about how weird today was, and he actually was right. Ruby's day was like this: she went to school, then she went to the volcano, after that she met up with Kat and Kilik, and after that she got to the pokemon center, then she went to Oak town, she met a boy there, went to the beach with him, after a few hours talking she got kissed, and now she's cuddling with him.

    Daniel softly brushed across her cheek with his thumb, it felt good and it made her blush a little more. He asked her if they could meet up again. 'O-ofcourse we meet up again!' Ruby quickly said, untill she got suprised from what she said and was quiet again. 'I-i mean... Our dorms are not so far away from each other too... And ofcourse we can meet up again...' Ruby looked away from him with her eyes as she softly spoke, but then faced him again.
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