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Doing a new play through on Pearl for a Nuzlocke challenge and it's way more fun if it's recorded as a story, so here we are! :D I don't know how often this place gets posted in though so yeah, I'll add updates to this post for now I guess!

Chapter 1

  • I woke up in a daze with an excited Barry shouting down the phone at me. He'd been my best friend for years so I was used to this by now. Seems I've been enlisted to go on an urgent expedition to Lake Verity in search of the elusive Red Gyarados... Typical Barry; I think I'll spend ten more minutes in bed.
  • After having a cup of tea with mom and telling her about my plans for the day, I headed out to rendezvous with the ever in a hurry Barry as he hurtled out the door full speed straight into my face. I've come to accept this as normal behavior for him by this stage so I quickly forgave him.
  • Being as forgetful as he is, Barry immediately ran back inside without saying a word and hurried to his room to collect his journal that he'd forgotten. Curious where he'd gone, I followed him inside and was greeted with the thread of being fined $1,000,000 if I was late to the lake. Yup, that's Barry alright!
  • We ventured out of town and shortly reached Lake Verity; however before having time to look for the mysterious Red Gyarados, we were greeted by an old man and his assistant, whom was carrying a brief case.
  • The pair seemed to be discussing something important so we decided not to bother them as we made out way into the lake, but as we took our first few steps, the old man shot straight up and came over to us. This was scary to say the least!
  • He introduced himself as a Pokemon professor before darting off straight past us as his assistant, who we now knew to be Dawn, reservedly apologized for the professor's crass behavior and ran off to follow him.
  • Confused by what had just happened, I stared out into the vast shining lake wondering just how many Pokemon were actually living there. However my thoughts were quickly interrupted by Barry yelling at the top of his lungs in fright.
  • Now alert, I ran over to Barry seeing him being confronted by a group of angry Starly. I thought to myself "Serves you right, I told you not to walk in the long grass!", before catching up to him and trying to help him out.
  • Whilst running from the birds, I tripped over a strange brief case left in the middle of the grass and as it opened on its side, three Pokéballs spilled out! I assumed they must've belonged to the professor, but after glancing back at the Starly heading straight for me, I knew what had to be done.
  • I quickly grasped the first Pokéball I saw and threw it out onto the ground. I'd never commanded a Pokémon before but it had been a life-long dream of mine, so I was pretty charged when a Turtwig appeared from the Pokéball! Although as I shouted out for it to use various moves that I'd seen on TV such as Leaf Storm and Solar Beam, the Turtwig didn't listen to me and simply used Tackle instead. I guess I still had a lot to learn.
  • Barry, who had now taken the same plan of action as me, had sent out a Chimchar to fight on his behalf. He was commanding this Pokémon well and knew exactly what moves to use and how to use them, before he called over to me that my new ally would only be capable of using a basic Tackle attack and Withdrawing to increase its defense. So that explains why I was ignored!
  • I ordered the Turtwig, whom was currently running in circles around the Starly teasing it, to use Withdraw. A blue light appeared like a shield over Turtwig just as the Starly crashed into his back, but due to the increased defense the attack didn't seem to do a thing. Then I ordered the move Tackle, which shortly disposed of the aggravated Starly.
  • Barry's foe had already been taken down minutes ago by his fast-paced battle using Chimchar, but we decided it'd be for the best to leave the tall grass as quickly as possible.
  • We ran out of Lake Verity cheering and excitedly comparing battles before Barry hurtled face-first into the waiting professor. He withdrew quickly and we both stood anxiously awaiting our punishment for using his Pokémon, but as he opened his mouth to speak his voice was calm and controlled. He didn't seem too bothered about what had happened and didn't even ask for his two Pokémon back; maybe he just forgot? At any rate, he requested that we came and visited his lab in Sandgem Town so we headed in that direction post-haste.
  • Along the route to Sandgem Town I was ambushed by several more Pokemon; Bidoof and Starly came out from all directions as I asked Turtwig to protect me and hurried into the next town in which I was promptly greeted by Dawn. She requested that I followed her into the professor's lab, and I had no choice but to agree.
  • The professor, introducing himself as Professor Rowan, asked to see the Turtwig that I had borrowed. I was reluctant to let my new friend go, but I guess it wasn't actually my Pokémon. I begrudgingly handed over the Turtwig to Professor Rowan and turned around to start walking out of the lab. However, just as I took my first step, Professor Rowan spoke.
  • "Excellent. That Pokémon really seems to like you, so I'm going to let you keep it. It's standard for trainers to give their Pokémon a nick-name so give it some thought."
  • Awestruck, I gazed at my new Turtwig partner before taking it into my arms and squeezing it hard. I didn't either know its gender; how was I supposed to name it? As I squeezed, Turtwig let out a sharp yelp which sounded reminiscent of an old friend's cry, so with that I named my new partner 'Clay'. Turtwig then licked my face before laughing to itself; guess it must be naughty natured.
  • As I was informed that Dawn was the trainer of a Piplup and Barry was entrusted to keep his Chimchar companion, Professor Rowan requested that I travel the land of Sinnoh and collect as much data about all the region's Pokémon as I could with a new Pokédex that he had given me. Was this a dream come true?
  • With that, I took Clay to the Pokémon Center where I discovered his gender and abilities from the nurse, before staying the night to rest alongside my new partner. I couldn't stop dreaming of all the adventures yet to come!

Chapter 2

  • First thing in the morning I parted the Pokémon Center and headed back home to tell mom what had happened. She'd be so worried about me not coming home last night! I made my way back through Route 401 whilst fighting off the countless Bidoof and Starly with Clay's help; he's really getting tough!
  • I made it back home safely thanks to Clay and after having lunch with mom, I collected my journal and told her about my dream to set off on my own Pokémon adventure. She was reluctant to agree but after showing her how strong Clay had gotten, she finally decided I could go out and complete the professor's quest of gathering as much information in the Pokédex as possible. But as I was about to leave, Barry's mother burst in the room asking where Barry was and after I delivered a half-hearted tale of what had happened to us both, she knew that he would've already set off and simply sighed. She requested that I deliver him a parcel before he goes too far ahead, so I agreed and set out for my journey.
  • Whilst traversing Route 101 and fighting off countless wild Pokemon, me and Clay stopped for a training session just outside of Sandgem Town. He had to be strong for what's coming up in the future! He began taking down the wild Pokémon with more ease every battle until eventually in a battle against a solitary Bidoof, he was tackled into exceedingly hard and collapsed to the floor. After that he just stopped moving. He had a look of concentration on his face and naturally I was now panicking about what would happen next. Was he injured? Was he tired of fighting? Had I done something wrong?
  • In fact, it was the exact opposite. His face suddenly lit up in a brilliant grin as he unleashed a bright glowing orb from the leaf on his head. The orb crashed into Bidoof and Clay began glowing a brilliant shade of green and began to stand up whilst the Bidoof collapsed. I guess this must mean Clay learnt Absorb! We then continued through Sandgem Town.
  • As I passed into Route 402 I was shocked to see Dawn waiting for me. She pounced out from the tall grass and shouted "Boo!" with me jumping back in shock. She said something about wanting to show me how to catch Pokémon as I watched her capture a nearby Bidoof with help from Piplup. This was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen! After imparting some tips she gave me five of her Pokéballs, so I rushed off to start capturing new friends.
  • I remembered hearing something about only being able to capture one Pokémon per route and it had to be the first I encountered, so I made sure to head back to Route 401 to make my first capture. Excited as to what I'd find, I ventured into the tall grass and was instantly stopped by a level two Bidoof. It seemed like a very chirpy Pokémon so I weakened it slightly and threw my Pokéball, but it broke free. We exchanged a few more hits and finally Bidoof was mine! I decided Wilson would be a great nick-name for him and welcomed him to the team.
  • I decided to head straight to Route 402 with my new friend Wilson to see what my next Pokémon would be, and within a few steps a wild Kricketot jumped out at me. I'd never seen this Pokémon before so I couldn't wait to try it out! I weakened her and threw a Pokéball and she was all mine. Deciding on the nick-name Cheryl, I ventured out with my two new companions.
  • I decided to train my new friends before we ventured too far, but with Cheryl only knowing Bide and Growl this was going to be a challenge! Her first fight was against a level four Starly who got two critical hits whilst Cheryl was biding, ending in Cheryl's defeat. I had been on my journey for less than an hour and have already let one Pokémon die. What the hell is wrong with me! I held back tears, clutching Cheryl's limp, lifeless body in my hands before sending a furious Wilson out to finish the job. Cheryl was not going to die in vain! As Wilson unleashed a powerful Tackle, Starly fell to the floor and Cheryl had been avenged. I took her body to the PokéCenter to be burried properly; she would always be a memorial of my first adventures.

In loving memory of Cheryl, Level 3.
  • We decided to take the night off and mourn Cheryl's loss before continuing our journey tomorrow.

Current Team

  • Clay Lv. 9
  • Wilson Lv. 3


  • Cheryl Lv. 3