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Originally Posted by Otherworld9) View Post
Oh yes...I'm back for clubs again.

Name: Otherworld9)
Partner Pokemon: Dexter the Magnezone!

My favourite Electric Pokemon would be the Magnemite line. Magnemite, at first, looked pretty cool and the fact he was a steel/electric added to its charm. I loved its stats and how he helped me get through PMD Red. Then Magnezone is also amazing. I loved his final look, and how he was a major killer in my team. I find him rather adorable, and discovered about him in the movie where Shaymin was introduced.

As a mascot...any cute little rascal could pass for one, although Pikachu is quite the famous rodents...maybe Pichu could pass off as the mascot. Not because I love rodents

What do you think is the strongest Electric type Pokemon and why? For extra fun, don't include legendaries!
-In my opinion, I would say Electivire due to stats and overall, despite his defense being pretty low. Although I do like its attack stat. I could also go with Jolteon, simply for the speed and high special attack.
Hey there, welcome to the club! Great to see you back :D I've gotta agree with you about the Magnemite family; it really is an amazing family of Pokémon. They're incredibly unique and pack one hell of a punch in battle. I was delighted when Magnezone was introduced in Gen IV, it's about time Magneton got an evolution and it's a complete power-house! The only thing I don't like about this family is that they don't have Levitate. This would make them 10000000x better and would make perfect sense since they have no choice but to float constantly. But oh well, they're still wonderful :D Also Electivire certainly is very strong!

I think imo the strongest Electric type is Eelektross. Partly because of its bulky stats and powerful attacks, but also because of its Levitate ability leaving it without weaknesses and for its hugely diverse move pool. It has coverage for practically any type you could think of and it gets some really interesting moves such as Coil and Acid Spray which can turn the tide in any battle! Certainly a Pokémon I enjoy using on my team :D