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Originally Posted by arbok View Post
I disagree. Gyarados, Electrode, Electabuzz, Ursaring and Fearow are frequent Antagonistic mons, even Onix gets its moments. In the very first episode its a flock of spearow who attack Ash and Pikachu rather than Golbat (as a flying poison). Meowth is the most common foe for the heroes and he's a normal type. If we look at team rocket's pokemon in the anime they're not as heavily poison as you'd think, its just Arbok and Weezing are the most remembered.
Meowth- normal
Arbok- poison
Weezing- poison
Victreebel- grass/poison
Lickitung- Normal
Wobuffet- psychic
Serviper- poison
Chimecho- psychic
Cacnea- grass
Dustox- Bug/Poison
Mime jr.- psychic
Carnivine- grass
Yanmega- bug/flying
Woobat- flying/psychic
Yanmask- ghost

so that is 5/15 of those only 3 are pure poison.
I agree with what you're saying, but I think it's important to remember that there are only a small number of Poison type Pokémon so not that many can actually be used in this way x] But yeah I think I did give them a bit of an unfair claim about being constantly evil/useless!

So what Poison types are people planning to use in their next play-throughs? I'm doing a Nuzlocke on Pearl at the moment so I can't really plan to use any, but I certainly hope I come across some! I'd like to hopefully catch a Grimer, a Wheezing, a Stunky and a Gulpin, but A) I'm not sure where these Pokémon actually are and B) I don't get to choose them in Nuzlocke. xD So yeah that's kinda annoying, but I really want to use some soon!

Plus I wish there were more Poison types... There really aren't all that many; do you guys think there should be more? :3