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    Favorite Episode: I cannot choose, all simply delightful. However, I love S2 E1 and 2, they were funny.
    Favorite Main Pony: First and foremost is Fluttershy, and a tie/second place is Pinkie Pie.
    Favorite Side PonyCharacter: Tie between Derpy Hooves and Discord.

    About This Magic(or Me): Years ago when I was small I saw an old generation of My Little Pony, an episode where Pinkie Pie fell down and was lost in a ditch/in a forest while it was winter time. Years later, I watched MLP; FIM for a little bit and then I started loving dah show. That is my story. *bows*
    I have pretty much done.... nothing. Nothing productive all day.
    I need those clicks before my little ones are dead, please help! To make that clear, that is ALL of the little ones.