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    Originally Posted by <~F.M.P~> View Post

    Jeez I've been gone nearly a year, I come back to check up on some things...and you're still swarming this page?...Your trolling skills are impeccable that's for sure lol

    As for the game itself, man I can't believe how tenacious you've been Oi haha! I hope I get the privileged of seeing something new while I'm lurking around here for as long as I can
    The only one being trolled is all of you by OI.
    Face it there will never be a demo of the game.
    5 years is a joke. Good luck. At least the other members on here who put up games actually put effort into their games instead of just pushing them aside. If you dont have the time or are busy with real life then why even start a project? Makes no sense. I just cant believe the staff is allowing this thread to stay open when clearly there has been no progress in 5 years except for photos that can easily be manipulated to look like there is actually a game being made..

    Have fun waiting another 5 years.. oh wait thats right even in 2017 there still will be no malachite demo. -.-'
    What up guys its Johnny B, JB for short if you want, well just hanging around pokecommunity, i love some of the games that people make on here, but w.e lol GL to everyones games, especially infinite rainbow :D!~~