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Hello everybody!
Crystalwolf here! Creating a team for the first time ever, now the reason I am creating this team is to create a hack as a team. To create brand new, never before heard ideas and new story and plots to the Pokemon Universe.
I myself have many ideas and plots and story ideas in my head along with this I have many team working skills which can help bring a good team together and a good ROM hack to the public too!
This team will probably consist of 10 or less people and will be a group of mature people who are willing to take in and give ideas. The main reason I created this team is to develop new ideas and not generic same ones which everybody uses.
I've been doing this kind of stuff, everything from scripting to spriting for a long time and wanted to make this group to add diversity and to get each others opinion on ideas.
Everybody is welcome to come join and feel free to give you full opinions or critiques on any ideas or problems that may occur because I will listen to you!.

Name :
Skills(s) :
Proof Of Work :
Past Experience :
Skype/MSN :
Time Zone :

Story Writer/Plot Writer
Beta Tester

MAX 10 Members at any one point
Crystalwolf: Creator, Story Writer, Scripter, Mapper, Spriter
PokemonLad08: Mapper, Spriter

Pokemon Corpa

Draft Plot:
You are a kid. You were left in a box as a child and dropped outside of an orphanage. However that very dark and mysterious night a pack of poochyena’s came and stole the box.
They were originally going to eat you but for some unknown reason did not.
You grew up on the streets with the poochyena’s by your side and you were despised on by all the people in society. Everybody looked down on you. Everybody though bad of you. Then the faithful day came. The little estate you lived in with the dogs and fellow abandoned and runaway friends was getting took down. Your life was going to come to an end. A society with nowhere to live. A society which looks down on you. Spits on you and gives you the utmost disrespect thought possible.
Now’s your time to rise. You will rise to the top. Travel far and wide. Defeat the corporate company’s ruining your way of life.
You shall rise up. Take on and disguise yourself as the leader of the corporate chains. Get higher up in the ranks defeat all the Company’s until you are at the top. Until your friends and Poochyena’s may be able to live in harmony again.

Multiple mini-plots
New Region
New Pokemon
8 Corporate chains each with contracts[Badges] you can obtain.
Completely new sprite sheet's
New Starters *spoiler*
Day and Night system
Music with permission from popular 8bit artists (Including a person who developed Castle Crashers main themes)