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    Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
    Ok guys. So I finally got around to remaking and taking a screenshot of my fan games home town again. I posted it a while ago and you gave me some helpful critiques. Those included making the ponds less boxy, making the north path thinner, and making the town as a whole smaller. I did not want to change the size of the map, unless you still think I really should. Anyway, here it is


    Let me know what you think. I have more maps coming soon.
    I think the size of the map is fine. My only negative comment is that for a pretty neat, clean town, the branches seem a bit out of place. The branches right by the water are fine, but the rest seem a bit out of place, IMO.

    Originally Posted by Aamelo View Post
    This was my most recent Pokémon Map Made. I have uploaded some new maps for deviantART but those were done before this one. Let me know what you think. The tiles are a courtesy of Hex-el-Grande, Zeikaro and WesleyFG from DeviantART


    Let me know your opinions. (I am not currently using this for any game)
    It seems to me like you may be using too many different trees with different styles. They don't all fit together very well, I'd personally take away one or two of them. The large mushrooms, the pillar-like rocks, and the white, blue and black items next to some light posts seem out of place as well. That said, I like how the town itself is mapped, it is well distinguished from the rest of the forest but still has a wild feel to it. I'd consider changing the stone tiling to dirt to make it a little more foresty, but the stone works alright too. Great job on staying away from a boxy looking map.

    Originally Posted by Unknown# View Post
    This is a starting town I made for my current project. I have only recently started on this project, so any and all critique is appreciated.

    Once again, I would really like some feedback, and I am going to post some more maps soon.
    Not bad! The only thing I see is the trees - some is all lined up, and some is scattered around. I'd try to keep the style more consistent.
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