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    Pokemon Online is being developed in C++/IIRC.

    Hello everybody. I'm creating this thread to present to the greater audience, you, a game that has been in development for a few years now, with a dedicated team. Some may have heard of it, wether because of its polemic origins or because you happened to stumble upon its website.
    Pokemon Online came to be because a group of people with a passion for Pokemon wanted to see a playable MMORPG with great quality. Thus development begun a few years ago. After some derails and ownership changes, we got to where we are now. For techical reasons, and to make the project achievable, the game is being moved from MMORPG to Online Co-op.


    As in any open world game, there are several plots available for the player to enjoy. There isn't one imposed plot here. We have a full team of people dedicated only to developing and scripting in-game plots. It has been decided that the time period will be set one year after the events in Nintendo's official games.

    There is the basic, standard plot of the gym journey, defeating all the gyms, getting the badges, becoming the pokemon champion... all that standard pokemon stuff. All regions will be included in due time, with Kanto and Johto already ready for implementation.

    There is a team system, where you can join any of the evil teams and undertake missions under their name. There will be lots of optional missions, and as you upgrade your rank in the team you get access to lots of stuff, from pokemon, to items, and new missions, to use when on team duty.

    POL will inlcude a TCG system, where you can explore and battle in the TCG's maps, improved to POL style. The TCG sets will be coded into the game gradually, and there will be a TCG league to face.

    Much much more scripted and ready for implementation.


    -> Fully customizable hero. Choose from hundreds of clothing pieces and hairstyles to create your own unique hero!

    -> All regions in custom graphic style: Kanto, Sevii, Orange Archipelago, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova
    Tilesets revamped to be twice bigger, for fullscreen maps.

    -> PvP - Fight your friends -or foes- from all over the world in pokemon battles to prove once and for all who is the best trainer.

    -> Trading Card Game - Collect Pokemon cards and challenge trainers for TCG games.

    -> Joinable teams:
    EVIL -Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galatic, Plasma, Cypher, Snagem
    HEROIC - Pokemon League, Rangers, Interpol

    Undertake missions for your team, acquiring new gear, pokemon and titles for use while on team duty.

    -> Inviting friends over to your game world/joining them on theirs.

    -> Secret Bases in all the regions - Create and decorate your own base with lots of custom objects that you will collect in your journeys.

    -> One of our strongest features is the sheer ammount of custom quality sprites created from scratch. From game characters, to manga, anime, TCG... we have hundreds of custom graphics already done. Find and fight characters from the Pokemon series, from spinoff games, from the manga, or even characters only seen in the TCG's cards.

    -> Iconic and original story arcs - Experience the most iconic moments in Pokemon history, with you as the hero, or brave way through new, original, story arcs that make you live the Pokemon world in a whole new way!



    Credits go to the whole POL team and contributors.


    Recently looking for spriters. We have a database with hundreds of custom sprites from the whole pokemon universe, from games to anime, manga, TCG... But we're always on the lookout for new contributors to help expand the graphics database. We aim to cover every pokemon character we can.


    For more information about the game:

    For applying to the spriting team, PM me.
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