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Jack Jacobs
Outside Pokemon Center

Jack took a deep breath in before answering George's question and another deep breath out preparing himself for what seemed was going to be a long story. "Well George my boy it all starts in Kanto" Jack began to sit up for his own story and even began stroking a long non existing beard in an effort to amuse himself. "Once upon a time there was a young, wise and strong trainer, oh yes how wise he was" Maybe Jack was setting a bad first impression with George but his mind was too far gone to care.

"He came to this island full of hope and bursting with ambition, oh yes so much ambition" As Jack began to tell his story Blade took his attention from Tyro and unto his trainer intrigued and disturb by his speech. Still stroking his long imaginary beard Jack continued the story "With a strong scizor at his side he felt he could take on the world, HA!" he laughed at the end.

"How wrong he was" Jack sighed and finally stopped his weird beard stroking antic and finished up his story. "The world was too much for him and that's Jack Jacobs for you George" Jack stared into the sky momentarily then shut his eyes, content with the darkness and the nothingness.
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