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Originally Posted by Illuminaughty View Post
Sure. Just sign-up for the steel monotype ultimate challenge, using the form, start with r/b/y or frlg, then do g/s/c/hg/ss, and then I will move the prior game you completed in emerald to your progress, so then you could move right on to d/p/pt. I will keep the emerald game in the single challenge section, until you complete gsc/hgss. Have fun!
Ok sir!

Started playing in Platinum before I read the reply, so I'll gonna pause it in favor of Gen I and II games.

I also intend to hack a Beldum, Skarmory and Aron in FireRed. Can I do that?

Username: BaroNight (named myself Baron in the games)
Single or Ultimate:
: FR -> S/SS (still not decided yet) -> E (complete) -> Pt (paused) -> W
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