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Daniel Sabrak
The Beach

Alexis watched Hikari quietly, but smiled as she nodded, agreeing to giving her a chance at keeping Daniel in line. Not that she thought he’d need it, but… well, young humans always had a weird tendency to do unexpected things, so it’d be better to be on the safe side.

She let out a surprise squeak as she was pushed underwater by Hikari jumping on her, narrowing her eyes slightly. She held her breath and made her tail tuck underwater before slithering over and grasping Hikari’s back paw, tugging her underwater as well, before letting go. She sent her new friend a smirk before moving up to the surface again, splashing around for a little longer.

Daniel’s cheeks were slightly reddened as well as he continued brushing his thumb across her cheek, smiling warmly down at her as she agreed to the two of them meeting up again.

“Great! I’ll… look forward to it. I’m sure we could figure out something to do, heh.”

He continued looking down at her, his eyes locked on to hers, staring deeply into them while still cupping her cheek, stroking his thumb across it. He then, without really noticing it himself, began stroking the tip of his nose against hers, leaned in close to her.
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