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    Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post

    You can get your first pokemon before the first gym (trade in Violet City for the Onix, who evolves into Steelix), so per the rules you can't hack anyone in. As for evolving Scyther, GTS doesn't work with emulators, but you can either evolve him by editing him with Pokesav, or by using a Evolution Editor, which you can find pretty easily. Make sure you get one for HG/SS, and you'll need to use it for Steelix, too, hehe. I think the steel pokemon available in SS are: Steelix, Magneton/zone, Forretress, Scizor, and Skarmory. so you have more than enough options.

    If you have anymore questions, VM or PM me, so we can keep the thread more about updates .
    Ok. Started already in SoulSilver.

    Username: BaroNight (named myself Baron in the games)
    Single or Ultimate:
    : ? -> SS -> E (completed!) -> Pt (on hold) -> W
    Scizor, Steelix, Skarmory, Forretress, Magneton/zone

    First Update!!!


    -Saw Prof. Oak and the usual crap. Told him my name is Baron.
    -Got kicked out of the house by Mom and attacked outside by a pesky Marill.
    -Went to the Lab and chose Totodile. My first slave.
    -The usual crap. Errands, etc. Went to Mom to receive her blessing.
    -Went to Cherrygrove Town and was harassed by a dirty old man pretending to be a gent. Given Running Shoes and Map as compensation (like it was enough).
    -Went to Mr. Pokemon's house, killing all who oppose me along the way.
    -Got ordered by Mr. Pokemon and Prof. Oak.
    -Ordered by Prof. Elm (again!) to go back.
    -Encountered the thief along the way and was called a noob. Killed his weaking of a Pokemon in return.
    -Returned and was mistaken by the perennially late police as the thief. Lyra defended me. (Like I need it. I can beat the crap out of him.)
    -Was forced by the irritating police to tell the name of the thief: Blitz.
    -Gave the Mystery Egg and gave me the idea of destroying the gyms.
    -Went again to Mom for a financial plan.
    -Went to Violet Town, destroying all wild Pokemons and enemy Teams and captured a Bellsprout along the way.
    -Forced the kid in Violet City to trade his Onix for my Bellsprout.
    -Destroyed the Sprout Tower and all of its trainers, while also grinding Rocky the Onix.
    -Destroyed the Violet Gym with multiple Rock Throws.
    -Ordered again by Prof. Elm to carry the Egg.

    My Team:


    Rocky the Onix - Lv 10
    Harden/Screech/Rock Throw/Bind

    Totodile - Lv 16
    Scratch/Leer/Water Gun/Bite

    I'm planning to replace Rocky with a normal Onix. Any ideas?