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    Originally Posted by Kindrindra View Post
    Thanks for all the help!

    I think I figured out what the second set of data is- while the first is an offset, the first and second bytes in the second set act as a bookmark of sort, showing where the move data begins, and the third and fourth bytes (aka 00 00) show where the attack data ends!

    And, to my surprise, it appears that monster.bat (which I'm hopeful contains the data on the pokemon) is organized in the exact same fashion! I'm not entirely sure what each byte corresponds to, but I think the second last one might be the move's power (when you divide them by 16, you get some numbers suspiciously similar to the "Star" rankings for each move). Monster, on the other hand... I'm going through a list of PMD stats, to see if any of them match up. If I do find a match, well, that's good news!
    Glad I could help!

    I did a bit of research on this, as I was very curious, and I found out a lot of the bin files are simply pack files. So all three of the files in that folder have 593 entries. That's one for every Pokemon. Every one of these entries starts with "PKDPX" and also contains a "SIR0" inside of it. Apparently there's no info on how to unpack PKDPX files, but the SIR0 files seem to be cracked, at least partly. I found info here (Near bottom), and here (Top of page), in case you were interested.

    As for me, right now, I'm working on cracking the .SSS, .SSE, and .SSA formats. It looks like they are really all the same format, but the only thing I know from them is initial position data for characters.
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