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    that was an awesum game dere ....
    but when i defeated elite4 and d champion as in every other it saves our progress and thus ends... but as soon as it is started again(the game) it shows do u want to overwrite your existing played game or not and thus we can continue our journey even after defeating him, BUT HERE I DNT GET ANY OF DAT .. AND I HAVE TO STRT FRM D BEGINNING, SO ANY VIEWS, IS DAT REALLY THE END OR IS DERE SMTHNG I CAN DO TO CNTINUE MY JOURNEY FRM D PLACE I ENDED BY DEFEATING ELITE4....

    PlZ rEpLy ASAP.....!!!

    hey i suppose u can renew dis fuligin by adding sme journey to it after u defeat elite 4... it'l be gr8!!
    u cn thnk upon it!!!
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