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    Damon Malruth
    Kanto Enclave

    Damon looked over everyone, "Okay everyone, gather-"

    'What's going on in here?'

    Damon blinked and looked to see a Zangoose approach. Damon saw the pistol he had and smiled brightly, "Ah! Good day citizen! You have no need to fear! The Declarum Forces are here to protect the enclave! Now, is there anyone still inside?" He asked.

    Urta just grunted, "Damon, he wouldn't know. We need to head in there and find those survivors, now!"

    The Linoone nodded, "Sorry about that sir, but we've got work to do then." He turned to the group, "Alright, everyone head in. We're going to make them pay for taking our enclave!" He shouted as the crowd cheered. He made his way into the tunnel, the group following after him. Some looked fearful and other looked brave as they finally made it to the main cavern. Damon barely got two steps in before Knights poured out from the buildings. Damon could see a sentry on a roof and gritted his teeth. "D.F.! Give them what they deserve!" He shouted as he threw some sleeping pellets at the approaching knights.
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