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    Chapter 6: The New Human

    It had been over six months since the death of Francine Koopa and the murder trial and everything was slowly getting back to normal in Castle Koopa. Bowser had put extra security in his castle and hired over a hundred more troops to protect it and the residents inside. Bowser sat in his throne and was conversing with two koopatrols when a koopa troopa walked in.

    “You may leave now and return to your duties,” Bowser said dismissing the koopatrols as the koopa troopa waited.

    “Marcus, what are you doing here?” Bowser asked the koopa troopa who was called Marcus.

    “I am here requesting new missions, I have completed all my other duties and have none left,” Marcus explained.

    “Okay, you can go and patrol the borders. I have a few other troops there patrolling the north section but I have no-one patrolling the south area. So you may go and patrol there for a while. If you see anything suspicious, contact me with the details,” Bowser said.

    “Thank you Bowser,” Marcus said. “I'll leave right away.”

    Marcus then left Castle Koopa and proceeded to go down to the south area of the Koopa Kingdom borders near to the Mushroom Kingdom. He brought a notepad with him as well as a flask of water for himself and a walkie talkie to contact Bowser if he needed to.

    After a long walk, Marcus reached the border where he set up camp and began patrolling. After about ten minutes, he heard a loud crash what made him jump coming down near the river.

    “What the hell was that?” Marcus cried rushing over to see what the bang was. He saw a rubble of brick blocks what had tumbled down. He began to throw the bricks aside wondering what could have made them tumble. He began to notice something and continued to throw the bricks away until he realised what it was.

    “A human,” Marcus said out loud. The human had crashed into the blocks and appeared to be all dazed. He slowly came round and staggered up.

    “Are you okay?” Marcus asked concerned. The human took a while to come around and his vision was quite blurry but slowly came back to normal. He noticed the koopa troopa standing in front of him and his reaction was nothing but shock and puzzlement.

    “Huh, who are you?” he said. “No, what are you?”.

    He looked around at where he was rubbed his head in confusion.

    “Where am I? What is this place? What on earth is going on?” he added almost forgetting Marcus was standing in front of him.

    “Err.. hello?” Marcus said getting the human's attention. “I'm sorry but you seem kind of lost. What's your name mister?”

    “I'm Jeff, Jeff Weston. Could you tell me what is going on and how I got here?” Jeff asked.

    “You're in the Koopa Kingdom and just over there is the Mushroom Kingdom,” Marcus said pointing left.

    “Koopa? Mushroom? Kingdom?” Jeff asked. “Now I'm even more confused. I was walking down a road not far from my house and I fell down this hole in the middle of it. Next thing I know, I'm falling down what appears to be a bottomless pit then I fall into a bunch of blocks and now here I am on a different planet entirely.”

    “You're from Earth, correct?” Marcus asked. This question almost made Jeff break down in laughter but he realised he wasn't anywhere near home now.

    “Yes I'm from Earth. And what is this planet of yours called? Also what species are you? Man, I have so many questions I want to ask,” Jeff said.

    “This planet is called Plit and I am a Koopa Troopa. The name is Marcus by the way,” Marcus said holding out his hand.

    “Well it's nice to meet you Marcus,” Jeff said shaking Marcus's hand.

    “It's not everyday I get to meet a turtle what can speak human language,” he joked making Marcus chuckle a little.

    “Is there anywhere where I can go so I can more answers where I am and how I can get back home?” he then asked.

    “Toad Town is a good place to start, which is quite a walk away. You can get there by just following this road. From here, it should take about half an hour. As for getting home, I'm afraid that is highly unlikely. Entrances to and from your planet are very rare and are one-way only so you're pretty much stuck here,” Marcus explained.

    “That sucks. Oh well I guess I might as well get used to being here. I'll visit Toad Town right away and get more answers. See ya around,” Jeff said before heading off to Toad Town.

    “See ya,” Marcus called after him as Jeff ran away.

    Jeff walked for about 40 minutes until he finally reached Toad Town. He looked up at the sign saying the name of the town and walked on.

    “So this is Toad Town,” Jeff said looking at his surrroundings.

    “Why do all these houses look like mushrooms?” Jeff asked. He turned to face forward and was greeted by Toad.

    “Oh great, first I meet a talking turtle, now a talking mushroom. This day gets more weird by the minute,” Jeff said out loud startling Toad.

    “Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend, I'm new around here and I was told to visit here. Do you know where I can go to get some help as I am lost and I'm also quite hungry too,” Jeff said.

    “Sure, if you are lost and only just come here, then the best place to start is Peach's castle,” Toad replied.

    “Peach's castle?” Jeff asked. “Who's Peach?”

    “Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and she lives in a castle in the north of Toad Town,” Toad replied. “Err.. what's your name by the way?”

    “I'm Jeff,” Jeff answered.

    “My name is Toad,” Toad said. “I'm a personal servant of Peach and I'm sure she'll be glad to see another human here.”

    “So I'm not the only one then?” Jeff asked.

    “Peach was born here but she is 100% human and there are two other humans who live here but are very close to Peach. They came here through a warp pipe and live in a detached house a few miles south of here,” Toad replied.

    “Warp pipe?” Jeff asked confused.

    “How did you enter here?” Toad asked.

    “Through a tunnel and then I fell through the sky and landed in some blocks,” Jeff replied.

    “Yes, you exited through a warp pipe. Warp pipes are all around this world although they are much rarer in your world. In your world, they can appear in hidden places” like tunnels or plug hole and only appear in such places during very rare intervals,” Toad said. “Anyway lets go to Peach's castle now. The two humans I told you about are called Mario and Luigi, they're brothers and are probably also there right now.” he added.

    Jeff then followed Toad through the streets of Toad Town until they got to Peach's castle.

    “Wow, I've never seen a castle like that before,” Jeff said amazed. Jeff followed Toad inside the castle.

    Meanwhile back in Castle Koopa...

    “You what?” Bowser shouted. “Are you sure?”

    “I'm positive, he's probably already in Toad Town as we speak,” Marcus replied.

    “Why did you let him get away? You should have captured him,” Bowser said annoyed.

    “I didn't see him as a threat,” Marcus said.

    “If he's in Toad Town, then he may end up in Peach's castle. He's probably already there then those Mario brothers will probably tell him stories about us and turn him against is,” Bowser said.

    “I never thought of that. He was lost and I told him where he could go to get help,” Marcus replied.

    “Help? HELP? The last thing we need is another human. If he ends up siding with the Mario brothers then they'll be even more harder to beat,” Bowser said.

    “I'm sorry Bowser,” Marcus said bowing his head in sorrow.

    “Forget it, what's done is done. Just make sure he doesn't end up becoming one of Mario's fighters. If you see him again, get him alone and interrogate him. Make sure Mario hasn't already poisoned him against us,” Bowser said.

    “I'll get right to it,” Marcus said before making his leave.

    In Peach's castle, Jeff was sitting down in the guest dining room along with Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach and Toadsworth.

    “This is a lovely cup of tea,” Jeff said to Peach.

    “Thank you Jeff,” Peach replied. “Its so nice to see another human enter my kingdom and have such wonderful manners.”

    “So you're the queen of this place?” Jeff asked.

    “Oh no, I'm just a princess,” Peach replied. “My father is the king and the actual ruler but I help with ruling and royal duties.”

    “I see. Where does your father live?” Jeff asked.

    “He lives in another castle a few miles west of here,” Peach replied. “My mother passed away several years ago so my father raised me up.”

    “I'm sorry to hear that,” Jeff replied.

    “So Mario, Luigi, what's your story? Where do you come from and how did you get here?” Jeff asked.

    “Well it happened one afternoon in Brooklyn, New York where we lived. We're plumbers and we were doing a job in someone's house. There was something wrong with the bath's plughole and we were fixing it. Next thing we knew were being dragged under and we ended up shrinking until we could fit through the hole and we ended up here, where we have lived ever since,” Mario replied.

    “As for me, I'm from England. I was walking down a road near to my house and someone left a manhole open, which I didn't see. So I ended up falling in and it kept falling and falling for a long time and ended up falling into some blocks. I was quite dazed and was helped by this turtle-like creature,” Jeff said.

    “Turtle?” Toadsworth shouted almost interrupting. “You don't mean those koopas?”

    “He said he was a koopa troopa,” Jeff replied. “Why, is that a problem?”

    “Listen here,” Toadsworth said now on his feet. “Those koopas are bad news, whatever you do, never trust them.”

    Mario and Luigi nodded their heads.

    “They have a king who goes by the name Bowser. He has been trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom for a very long time and has enslaved many Toads.” Mario said.

    “Oh I see,” Jeff replied. “Funny, because the koopa troopa I spoke to seemed to be nothing but friendly.”

    “Some of them may seem that way but they work for Bowser and can be very dangerous indeed. Don't believe for one second that they are friendly,” Mario said.

    “Okay. Actually I think I'll might have a look around the town and see if I can find somewhere where I can stay for a while,” Jeff said.

    “You can always stay here if you can't find a place elsewhere,” Peach said.

    “Thank you for your hospitality Peach. I'll see if I can find an inn somewhere where I can stay then I'll go and find somewhere on a more permanent basis,” Jeff said.

    “I'll might see you later then,” Peach said.

    “Bye everyone,” Jeff said before leaving.

    Meanwhile outside of Toad Town, Marcus was preparing to make contact with Jeff again and intended to make a swift capture. Marcus saw Jeff going in and out of a few buildings but needed to get him out of Toad Town. He watched from a safe distance with high magnification binoculars. After about fifteen minutes, Marcus decided he was going to lure Jeff out of Toad Town so he waited for him to enter the inn, which was near to the exit and phoned the inn's number using his own mobile. The innkeeper answered the phone as Jeff took a seat in a corner.

    “Yes, who is this?” the innkeeper asked.

    “I'm looking for Jeff Weston,” Marcus asked pretending to be Mario.

    “Mario is that you?” the innkeeper asked.

    “Yes, I am looking for Jeff Weston, he's another human who I think might be in your inn, it's urgent,” Marcus said.

    “Hold on Mario,” the innkeeper said. “I'm looking for a Jeff Weston. Mario wants to speak to him urgently,” he then shouted to the customers. Jeff stood up and came to the counter.

    “My name's Jeff Weston but why would Mario want to speak to me?” Jeff asked taking the phone.

    “Hello?” Jeff said down the phone.

    “Jeff, it's Mario. I need to talk to you. Please meet me outside Toad Town right now and I'll tell you there,” Marcus said still in his fake Mario voice.

    “I'll be right there,” Jeff said before hanging up the phone and leaving the inn.

    “Gotcha,” Marcus said in his normal voice once the phone was hung up.

    Jeff walked out of Toad Town and kept walking until he heard a familiar voice.

    “We meet again, Jeff” Marcus said walking behind him.

    “Marcus, what ar..” Jeff said before Marcus grabbed him and pushed him forward.

    “Keep walking, you're coming with me,” Marcus said.

    “What's going on? Where's Mario?” Jeff asked.

    Marcus just laughed and then spoke in his fake Mario voice, “I need to talk to you Jeff.”

    “That was you?” Jeff said shocked.

    “Yeah. I needed you out of Toad Town so I could do this,” Marcus said as he pushed Jeff into a dead-end. Jeff couldn't get away now.

    “Now get in,” Marcus ordered pointing to a warp-pipe. Jeff looked at the warp pipe then looked at Marcus confused.

    “I said get in,” Marcus ordered again. “I know you've been in contact with Peach and the Mario brothers.”

    “They told me nasty things about your kind. They said you all work for someone called Bowser and do evil things,” Jeff said now worried.

    “We don't all work for Bowser and we're not all evil,” Marcus replied. “I do work for Bowser though but I wouldn't say he was evil and neither am I really.”

    “Then why are you kidnapping me?” Jeff asked.

    “Just get in the pipe and I'll tell you more,” Marcus said. “Or do I have to force you in myself?”

    Jeff realised he couldn't run away and the only things between him and the warp pipe was a wall behind him and Marcus in front of him blocking his escape. Realising he had no choice he jumped in quickly followed by Marcus. They landed in a room in Castle Koopa and Jeff got up and looked around.

    “What is this place? Why did you bring me here?” Jeff asked.

    “This is my home, Castle Koopa. I work for Bowser who sent me to capture you. He is very interested in meeting you,” Marcus said. “Now follow me.”

    Jeff sighed and followed behind Marcus. They reached the throne-room and walked up to the throne where Bowser was waiting.

    “Bowser, I have brought the human as you requested,” Marcus said.

    “Ahh so this is him. What is your name human?” Bowser asked.

    Jeff remained calm although he was a bit scared. After a quick pause, he answered.

    “My name is Jeff Weston,” Jeff answered.

    “So Jeff, I understand you have been in Toad Town and have been in contact with Peach and her friends,” Bowser said.

    “Yes I have,” Jeff replied. “And they told me th..”

    “Enough,” Bowser interrupted silencing Jeff. “I don't want to hear what they have to say. They don't know anything about our customs or our way of life. Peach's father is the real enemy, not me.”

    “What do you mean?” Jeff asked.

    “It's a long story. My wife was murdered because of him and his people,” Bowser said. “His name is Oscar and he has commited many atrocities among my people. The Mario brothers will tell you the same things about the koopas doing such things against toads but its simply not true. Yes its true that we kidnap and steal but I have never done such evil as what Oscar does or what those Mario brothers claim that I have done.”

    “Why would you want to kidnap and steal anyway?” Jeff asked.

    “That's another story. Now I suppose you're wondering why I brought you here.” Bowser said. “Well firstly I needed to make sure you didn't join forces with the Mario brothers and ended up fighing against my troops. Secondly I enjoy kidnapping unsuspecting individuals and thirdly I don't really like humans much,” he added.

    “What are you going to do with me?” Jeff asked.

    “I haven't decided on that yet. But for now you will be taken to the dungeons where you will remain a prisoner until I decide otherwise,” Bowser said. Before Jeff could say anything else, Marcus quickly got to work on binding Jeff's hands behind his back.

    “Take him to the dungeons,” Bowser ordered. Marcus escorted Jeff out to the dungeon who just bowed his head.

    “I'm sorry I had to do this,” Marcus whispered to Jeff once they were out the throne-room. “I had orders to capture you so I had to lure you out of Toad Town in order to do so.”

    “What's going to happen to me?” Jeff asked.

    “I've no idea yet. But don't worry you may be a prisoner but you'll still be treated well. You may be turned into a slave or a servant or you will just stay in the dungeon where you'll be allowed out for a few hours or two.” Marcus answered. Once they reached the dungeon, Marcus untied Jeff's hands and pushed him in a cell.

    “You'll be assigned a personal guard who will visit you later. He will be responsible for your needs from now on. I'll be going now so I'll may see you later. Bye for now Jeff,” Marcus said.

    Jeff just lay down on the bed and rested. There wasn't much he could do now unless he was given a slave or servant job. He nearly fell asleep until he heard the cell door open. He shot up and sat up on the bed. A different koopa troopa walked in.

    “Hello Jeff, I'm Clive. I'm going to be your personal guard from now on until you get released,” he said.

    “Okay. So what are the rules here?” Jeff asked.

    “You are allowed to eat three times a day. Your breakfast will be delivered to you first thing in the morning, then lunch at noon and dinner in the evening,” Clive said. “Bowser has decided to make you a slave. I'm going to make sure you attend and complete jobs what either me or Bowser tell you to do. If you fail to complete a job or you refuse, you will be made to go hungry or you will be punished in some other way,” he added.

    Jeff understood and just nodded his head to show that.

    “Good, then I'm sure we'll get along just fine,” Clive said.

    “When do I begin?” Jeff asked.

    “You begin now,” Clive replied. “Now follow me.”

    Jeff stood up and proceeded to follow Clive to whatever jobs he had planned for him.

    “Oh and one more thing Jeff, I see that because you are human you have to wear a lot of clothes. So you'll be given some new clothes to wear. If you need any washing doing, let me know and I'll arrange for it to be done,” Clive said.

    Clive led Jeff to a room in another part of the castle. It was filled with dust and rubbish.

    “Right, clean this room up and I want it spotless,” Clive ordered. Jeff realised this was Clive's own room but didn't say anything and went straight to work.

    Meanwhile back in Peach's castle...

    “Hey have you heard anything from Jeff?” Mario asked Peach.

    “No, not a word. But I'm not worried. He must have stayed at the inn. He'll be fine, I'm sure,” Peach said.

    But little did they know was that Jeff was now a prisoner in Castle Koopa.
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