Thread: [Spoilers] Ash Pokemon Returning?
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I was beyond surprise when I noticed Primeape in there, I didn't even recognise it was in there at first, as I was wondering what Charizard was doing there. But this certainly does speak volumes for future episodes. You've all pretty much gone into discussion about others such as Pidgeot hopefully returning.

This does give me a sense of continuity also, as there must be a reason why they'd have decided now to be the time to bring back Primeape and Charizard. Of course there is the league looming in on us soon, it's still a little interesting that they've recognised use for Charizard in the league, and Primeape. I'm just really excited now. The pace really interests me too. I haven't check but I'm sure there's been tones of speculation on a Champions League.
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