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George Edmunds

George could cope with the imaginary beard stroking but referring to himself in the third person? There was something more than a little unsettling about it. Jack's behaviour was strange to say the least and awkward silence may even have been favourable but George was going to try and soldier through the strangeness and work out what he had just been told. Not much was the answer. In a very drawn out and theatrical way he had been told very little. George had gotten the message. Jack was not going to give much away and it was his right to be secretive. George was practically a complete stranger after all.
"How interesting. It does seem like the perfect environment for the ambitious. I've just arrived and already had a battle and met a few...interesting people. I haven't even been to a class and I've already learnt more than I have in a long time."
George paused in thought.
"Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent there. What was it we were talking about again?"
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