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Update #7

Took the SS Aqua to Vermilion
Earthquaked the pants off the gym with Quagsire
Rode up to Saffron
Got my behind handed to me, TWICE, by Sabrina... STOP SPAMMING PSYCHIC!!!
Finally defeated her thanks to Amnesia and >5 Hyper Potions
Went to Lavender Town then through the Rock Tunnel to the Power plant.
Once aware of the missing piece, I rode to Cerulean and got it from the gym
Trekked to Bill's place to get Misty back to her Gym
Pawned her with Lanturn (Feraligatr took care of Quagsire... didn't want to risk earthquake on soft Lanturn belly :D )
Brought the piece back to the plant
got my self a Rail Pass
Taught Lanturn Thunderbolt, at Goldenrod
Took the train back and rode to Celadon

Current Team :

Lv 46
-Ice Punch
-Dynamic Punch

Lv 47

Lv 45
-Sludge Bomb
-Rain Dance

Lv 46
-Confuse Ray
-Thunder Wave

Badges : 11

Bonus: Hall of fame pics
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