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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia smiled as Danielle captured a new pokemon. "That's great Danielle." she said with a smile. The boy introduced himself and Lucia gave a curtsy to him. "A pleasure to meet you Mark, I am Lucia. I see that Tyro is getting friendly with Snype." She said with a giggle.

    Tyro just listened to Snype and once the sableye was finished speaking he started up again. "Cool! We can be bros because anyway like I was saying if we're bros then we can train longer and we can get stronger together and we can train with Blade to be even stronger and with three of us training we can train longer and then we'll be even faster and stronger and then I can evolve and be like 'yeah I've evolved' and then we can still train...." Once again, Tyro wasn't stopping anytime soon.

    Samuel sighed, "And there he goes again." He looked up at Roberto, "It's not him. Stay cool." The scizor only grunted in response as Diana continued to struggle in Lucia's arms. She wanted her rematch and she wanted it now!
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