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Update #2:


-Dodged all the trainers and went to Union Cave.
-What? 1, 000, 000 for a SlowpokeTail? This sounds like a scam.
-Captured myself a better servant than Rocky, which is prone to disobedience. Named him Rocky II in honor of Rocky, and also because I don't have a name yet for him.
-Grinded Rocky II and Totodile and returned to eliminate the trainers that I've left behind.
-Totodile evolved! Yes! Now he is more efficient in being a HM slave! Mwahahahaha!
-Because I took time searching for Rocky II, the egg hatched.
-Dammit Vulpix! Roared Rocky II and forced Togepi to appear.
-Cleared Union Cave. Went to Azalea Town.
-Saw a man harassed by a goon.
-What? Team Rocket is still alive and kicking?
-Convinced (or rather kicked the butt of) dirty old man Kurt to go to Slowpoke Well.
-Rocket grunt fell down and lost his crown and (dirty) old man Kurt came tumbling after!
-Because the old man can't stand, it fell on me, the reluctant hero, to repay Team Rocket's evil deeds (Hey, it's only a tail).
-Destroyed their base of operations and faced Admin Proton.
-Cruel? Who is more cruel than us?
-Basically Rocky II kicked the hell out of his Pokemon.
-Forced Kurt to create Pokeballs for me.
-Destroyed the Azalea Gym without mercy with multiple Rock Tombs.
-Hive Badge obtained!
-Saw Blitz and challenged him into a battle.
-Man, Bayleef was hard. Needed to swap Rocky II for Croconaw just to heal him.
-Croconaw died and Rocky II, invigorated, buried Bayleef with Rock Tombs.
-Bye bye, Blitz! :p
-Withdrew Togepi again for Headbutt.

Team Baron:


Rocky II/Onix - Lv 22
-Rock Tomb/Sandstorm/Harden/Screech

Croconaw - Lv 18
-Rock Smash/Leer/Water Gun/Bite

Togepi - Lv 3

Badges Obtained: 2

P.S. I thought my Emerald Steel Challenge would be counted.