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Ma ha ha ha.

The Ice Type Fan Club!

Yeah I reused it. Deal with it

You must love Ice Pokémon. And that's okay! We love you too.

So what is this club? Well, it's a place where Ice fanatics can obsess over their love for Rotom Ice Pokémon without shame! You can vent all your love for Jynx and Vanillite and not be scolded by them haters! In fact, we'll love you even more - always nice to have one more in the family! And as a plus, you can have a pet Ice Pokémon to go and pet while you let everyone know how much you love it! It's a win-win. Joining is never a bad idea, unless you're Iris. In that case go pet your Axew you crazy old lady.


  • Need I say this? All PC rules apply, and respect everyone. Ozzy and Olli will destroy you with lazers if you don't.
  • Also make sure to keep updated on the Pokémon Clubs Rules! Trust me those lazers hurt really bad.
  • And as for the Pokémon you can be partners with, I don't feel like plagiarizing Bulbapedia templates so here take a look.
  • Also, only a certain amount people can have the same Pokémon! We'll expand this limit as we need but as of now it's: 3.


Name: droomph
W-what do you want from me!?: I love Ice Pokémon. Why else?
My buddy Snorunt, I'll call you [nickname]!
Answer the current topic!

Our Friends:

● droomph
● AlexOzzyCake
● Sector Revenge
● Hikari10
● Iloveeevee
● Otherworld9)
● Cardinal
● Avishka
● okjoek
● rykerr1
● Seraphimon-sama
● Mentalii
● vlay
● Psystar63
● ArcanaFlaera
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