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    Originally Posted by BaroNight View Post
    Update #2:


    -Dodged all the trainers and went to Union Cave.
    -What? 1, 000, 000 for a SlowpokeTail? This sounds like a scam.
    -Captured myself a better servant than Rocky, which is prone to disobedience. Named him Rocky II in honor of Rocky, and also because I don't have a name yet for him.
    -Grinded Rocky II and Totodile and returned to eliminate the trainers that I've left behind.
    -Totodile evolved! Yes! Now he is more efficient in being a HM slave! Mwahahahaha!
    -Because I took time searching for Rocky II, the egg hatched.
    -Dammit Vulpix! Roared Rocky II and forced Togepi to appear.
    -Cleared Union Cave. Went to Azalea Town.
    -Saw a man harassed by a goon.
    -What? Team Rocket is still alive and kicking?
    -Convinced (or rather kicked the butt of) dirty old man Kurt to go to Slowpoke Well.
    -Rocket grunt fell down and lost his crown and (dirty) old man Kurt came tumbling after!
    -Because the old man can't stand, it fell on me, the reluctant hero, to repay Team Rocket's evil deeds (Hey, it's only a tail).
    -Destroyed their base of operations and faced Admin Proton.
    -Cruel? Who is more cruel than us?
    -Basically Rocky II kicked the hell out of his Pokemon.
    -Forced Kurt to create Pokeballs for me.
    -Destroyed the Azalea Gym without mercy with multiple Rock Tombs.
    -Hive Badge obtained!
    -Saw Blitz and challenged him into a battle.
    -Man, Bayleef was hard. Needed to swap Rocky II for Croconaw just to heal him.
    -Croconaw died and Rocky II, invigorated, buried Bayleef with Rock Tombs.
    -Bye bye, Blitz! :p
    -Withdrew Togepi again for Headbutt.

    Team Baron:


    Rocky II/Onix - Lv 22
    -Rock Tomb/Sandstorm/Harden/Screech

    Croconaw - Lv 18
    -Rock Smash/Leer/Water Gun/Bite

    Togepi - Lv 3

    Badges Obtained: 2

    P.S. I thought my Emerald Steel Challenge would be counted.
    Hi, Just a quick heads up.
    It seems you're using your Croconaw in battle as cannon fodder. You are supposed to use ONLY the Steel (to be) pokemon on your team, in battle. It's supposed to be a challenge
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