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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Wow, loving Homika's team. I guess Whirlipede is included cos of Homika's guitar design but I was not expecting it.

I guess this means Burgh might have a different team.

Cheren has Patrat and Lillipup, a bit disappointing since they are the pre-evos of Lenora's Pokemon in B/W. I can't believe his Gym is in the starting town, that's a first for the series.

Let's see what the full lineups are come Saturday!
The Rom has already leaked, so it'll be closer than that.

ANNOYED @ CHEREN'S TEAM. It's just a Lenora downgrade. Why couldn't they have given him a Minccino? Or Buneary? Not surprised at Homika's team. Since I said Whirlipede. >D
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