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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Beach

    Alexis said something before glancing at the two trainers again. Hikari glanced too but immediately looked away as she saw what they were doing.

    Alexis asked her if she could get along well with Ruby's other pokemon. 'Ofcourse i can! Yuki and i might fight sometimes but we are actually friends. And Kaede might act cold and though sometimes, but he's actually very sweet and protective of Yuki and me. And Kyuubi... I don't know him that well, but he seems nice too.' Hikari answered her question.

    'And the pokemon at Ruby's home are nice too, Ruby lives in a BIG house, so it's big enough for Flare, Aiko, Sora, Murasaki, mizumaru, Kasumi and Alice to walk/fly around.' Hikari said with a smile. 'Flare is a charizard, Aiko is a arcanine, Sora is a latias, Murasaki is a Delcatty, Mizumaru is a swampert, Kasumi is a Persian and Alice is a Espeon.' When Hikari was finally done with telling about the pokemon at Ruby's home she took a deep breath.

    Ruby kept glancing at Daniel for a moment with a little blush, looking straight into his eyes, smiling a little too. She found him actually looking quite handsome, and blushed a little bit more by that thought.

    When Daniel slowly pecked her lips again she closed her eyes and returned the peck, this was probely the happiest moment she had expierenced up untill now, did this mean she got a boyfriend on the first day of school?

    Ruby's mind was still blank and would probely be messed up at the end of the day when she would be back in her room. That kind of reminded her that Hikari had seen all of this, but decided not to think about it right now.
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