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Name: Crescend
My Gym Leader: Maylene
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Why have you joined to be trained: This club needs love for the fighting types too :< I might not be completely unbiased on this though, practicing taekwondo in real life x) honestly though I wasn't a big fan of fighting types until 4th gen, when these psychic fighters were introduced such as medicham, gallade and lucario. it's like the best of both worlds, the physical prowess of fighting and the powerful mind of a psychic type. Oh and I chose Maylene specifically because she breaks the mold by being the first female fighting gym leader, and very young for that. Despite struggling to meet the expectations of what a gym leader should be, she has a certain strength of will to push forward which I find admirable.

Ignoring Koga & Wallace, which Gym Leader(s) is worthy to be an Elite Four or Champion? Explain your reasoning.

Well I'd vote for grown-up Iris, dragon types are reaally powerful with high base stats and are only really weak to themselves and the rare ice type. Due to resisting all the base elements, these guys are the bane of all the starters
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