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Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
It'd be pretty cool if it were true, seeing as it would take away the 'vulnerable to nothing' factor of Spiritomb and Sabeleye (as so many have already have mentioned).

However, as also mentioned in the last post on the previous page, this would cause a compatibility issue between BW and B2W2. And I'm fairly sure I read somewhere it'd be possible to battle/trade from B2W2 back to BW. (If someone can steer me straight on this, that'd be great). So with this in mind, I'mma take this as a typo, because I'm kinda hopeful we can battle/trade between them :3
I agree. It'd finally be nice to see those two weak to something. But again, that would cause a serious issue with battling Black and White players (which yes, you are able to trade with!). I have no doubt in my mind that it's a typo. I've had a guidebook that showed a Wigglytuff to have the same stats as a Zapdos, so yeah.
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