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    Post #3 : Team Rocket Takeover, Celadon Edition!

    -Went into Celadon, headed straight for the gym.
    -Used Fearow throughout most of the gym to level up, finished up with Pidgeotto.
    -Went to the Game Corner, got distracted by the though of Porygon. To the poster!
    -Trying to clear up my bag, realized Raticate can learn Thunderbolt!
    -Goodbye Giovanni. Oh, you dropped a Silph Scope!
    -Hey, I aquired an Eevee!
    -After going through TMs, Raticate knows Hyper Fang, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Dig.
    -Gave the gaurds my water!
    -Now its time to slay ghost with my normal types!
    -Oh right, Green was there. Not anymore.
    -Calmed the Marowak. :')
    -Rescued Mr. Fuji from the Rockets. Got a nice flute for a nice normal Pokemon.
    -Caught Snorlax! Back to Silph!
    -Found Green after a little difficulty, beat him.
    -Sorry Lapras, Im not getting you.
    -Beat Giovanni again, rewarded with a master ball.
    -Beat the "Gym", but I did not take a prize.
    -Time to navigate through Sabrina's!
    -Beat her pretty easily actually... There's another badge.
    -Fogot to get a bike... There's a glitch for that!
    -I think Ill try to get a Tauros?
    -Caught a Kangaskhan instead. Fair enough. Along with teeth and an HM.
    -Got rid of Eevee for Oddish. :/
    -Got strength.
    -Defeated Koga, so Ill go beat Blaine now.
    -Had to get a key first. -.-
    -Snorlax's time to shine with Surf!
    -Okay, Snorlax fainted second trainer.
    -Blaine defeated, now the mysterious 8th leader.
    -8th badge conquered. Time for Victory Road. And Green!
    -There goes Green. No way Ill beat him again without leveling up...
    -Out of the cave, but back into it to grind!

    -Raticate Lvl. 41
    -Fearow Lvl. 50
    -Snorlax Lvl. 32
    -Pidgeotto Lvl. 34
    -Kangaskhan Lvl. 25
    -Oddish Lvl. 16

    Badges : 8

    Next Episode :The Pokemon League

    EDIT: So I got bored of grinding, next episode!

    -Bought some revives and full restores.
    -Defeated Lorelei, reviving Raticate afterwards.
    -Defeated Bruno, reviving Snorlax afterwards.
    -Defeated Agatha, no fainting.
    -Defeated Lance. Healed Fearow mid battle, lost raticate. Revive them all!
    -Defeated Green. Revived Fearow and healed him at least twice.
    And here is my final team. :D

    I guess I should be official.
    Username: Quickster
    Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
    Game(s): R-> S -> S -> P -> B
    Monotype: Normal
    Completed: I,

    EDIT#@: Its a whole new world!

    -Hi, Im GOLD!
    -Thanks for they Cyndaquil!
    -Woo, a Pokedex!
    -And my future teamate.
    -Defeated... SILVER!
    -Caught a Pidgey!
    -Caught a Sentret!
    -Caught a Rattata
    -Cyndaquil was a reasonable mentor, now he's in the box.
    -Did some leveling up. Everyone but Sentret sis Lvl. 10. Future for him is not looking good...
    -Went through Bellsprout Tower, Pidgey is level 14 now.
    -Did some excessive running, then trained my ne Togepi to level 9.
    -Got through that cave.
    -Defeated Team Rocket at the well.
    -Bugsy is down, badge two!
    -Had no problem with Silver, and my Pidgey evolved!
    -In the forest, I learned headbutt to find a monkey!
    -Rattata evolved outside the daycare. Im starting to have second thouts about the monkey already.
    -Got a bike this time!
    -Whitney and her cow is done, no rollout problem!
    -Ecruteak City team. Togepi-17;Pidgeotto-22;Raticate-22;Sentret-9.
    -Defeated Silver.

    Badges: 3
    I laugh looking at this.

    But sometimes I want to come back to it...